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Your driving record is a big list of all your driving-related traffic violations. It includes accidents, tickets, license suspensions, and even driving school. A Louisiana driving record is more than a document, however. It’s a reflection of your risk profile. 
Driving records are important because car insurance companies use them to calculate premiums. Safe drivers tend to be offered lower rates. While you can’t remove items from your record, you can request a copy to see what’s in your dossier. Overall, the best strategy is to keep your record clean.
Below is everything you need to know about a Louisiana driving record, assembled for you by Jerry, the car owner’s super app.

What is a driving record?

A driving record is a comprehensive document that includes all of your public traffic violations. It lists your parking tickets, speeding tickets, accidents, DUIs, license suspensions, and more. It includes both in-state and out-of-state incidents. It also includes your name, gender, and date of birth.

How do I access my driving record in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, you can request your driving record in person, by mail, or online
To order it online, drivers will need to submit information that exactly matches their driver’s license along with the fee (payable by debit or credit card). The fee for an online request is $16 plus a $2 electronic commerce charge. You will have 30 days from the date of purchase to access and print your ODR, or Official Driving Record.
To order by mail or in person, you must make the $16 payment by money order, certified funds, or cashier’s check. Credit and debit cards are acceptable for in-person appointments. You must also submit the following information in writing:
By mail, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to request another printed copy for free. Send your application and payment to:
Office of Motor Vehicles
Attention: ODR
P.O. Box 64886
Baton Rouge, LA 70896
Otherwise, you can bring your documents in person to a Louisiana DMV (or OMV, as it’s called in Louisiana) office in Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Monroe, or Shreveport. 

Requesting a driving record for someone else

If you are requesting someone else’s ODR, you must have written authorization/waiver from them to release their personal information to you. 
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Where else can I find my driving record in Louisiana?

Car insurance agents

Before an insurance company will sell you a policy, the agent will pull up your driving record. If you ask nicely, they may be willing to provide you with a copy. They have no obligation to do so, but there’s no harm in asking.

Online third-party vendors

Third-party vendors are a fast way to get a copy of your driving record. However, accuracy is not always 100%. If you need an official ODR, it’s better to submit a request to the OMV. But if you’re just interested in a general picture of your driving history, a third-party vendor can help.

What is on my record?

Your driving record includes every traffic ticket that has your name on it, including commercial driving-related incidents. Here’s what your ODR in Louisiana includes:
  • DWI violations
  • Major traffic violations (like reckless driving)
  • Minor traffic violations (speeding tickets)
  • License suspensions
  • Denials
  • Convictions
  • Status of your personal license and/or commercial driving privileges
Louisiana does not utilize a point system for tracking violations. However, the OMV (Office of Motor Vehicles) does participate in the PDPS, the Problem Driver Pointer System of the National Driver Register. This gives Louisiana access to a national bank of information about a driver’s history. Your PDPS includes basic identification information like your name, date of birth, gender, and driver’s license number.
Your driving record is used to determine whether you can be licensed in Louisiana. Dangerous drivers with too many traffic offenses on their record may lose their license in the interest of public safety.

DMV points in Louisiana

There is no point system in Louisiana, but the PDPS gives state assessors access to information about your driving behavior in other states. 
You can appeal a traffic citation to prevent it from being added to your record. This is a major reason that people attend defensive driving courses. Traffic school may also unlock insurance discounts.
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How can my driving record affect me?

You won’t get any prizes for safe driving—unless you count the safe driver discount offered by many insurance companies. But here’s what you need to know about how your Louisiana driving record could affect you. This data stays on your record for between three and 10 years.

Your insurance premium

People will clean driving records enjoy the lowest rates for car insurance. On the other hand, a spotty driving record means that you are a high-risk driver. As a result, you will be charged a higher rate. The difference in cost could be more than $100 per month.

Your ability to drive

Your license could be suspended or revoked if you accumulate too many traffic violations. You’ll have to pay a fee and complete drive improvement courses to regain your license. If you want to save money and keep driving without restrictions, keep your driving record clean. 

Your credit rating

Your driving record is not directly connected to your credit score. However, it’s important to make your payments on time for any tickets. If you don’t pay up, the state will send your name to a collection agency. This will definitely tank your credit score noticeably.

Your job prospects

Some jobs involve a lot of driving. Delivery drivers, police officers, firefighters, and government officials are required to have nearly spotless driving records. You could even be denied employment if a potential employer in one of these fields discovers that you have a ton of traffic violations.
Key Takeaway Your driving record impacts your life in more than one area—so drive safely to enjoy maximum freedom.

What is the difference between driving records in each state?

Some states use points-based systems to keep track of a person’s driving record. Other states keep their own dossiers. They tend to supplement this information by tapping into the nationwide DLC (Driver’s License Compact) to collect data about their drivers from other states.
Either way, your driving record includes your traffic violations in every state. In other words, if a Louisiana driver gets a ticket in Texas, it will still show up in their Louisiana driving record.

Which states don’t share driving records?

There are five states that are excluded from the DLC. They are:
  • Georgia
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Tennessee
  • Wisconsin
However, they may have alternative methods for sharing information about drivers with other states.
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