5 Ways to Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer

Learning how to keep your car cool in the summer heat extends the life of your car and allows you the joy of a comfortable ride.
Written by Rochelle Miller-Hernandez
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
Have you ever opened your car door in the middle of the summer only to be blasted by the heat bursting from it?
First, you get seared by the leather seats and steering wheel. Then when you turn up the air conditioning to the highest setting, you’re blasted with even more hot air.
It doesn't have to be this way. You can minimize all the discomfort pretty easily. There are indeed ways to keep your car cool. And remember, should something go seriously awry, it's important to have the right
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## How to keep your car cool in the summer
There are a few basic steps you can take, from new purchases to smarter habits, to ensure that your car stays cool in the arid summer heat.

Buy a sunshade for your windshield

Part of keeping your car cool is keeping the sun out. Look for a sunshade that provides the most coverage for your size of
car windshield
. By blocking the direct sunlight, you'll help reduce the internal car temperature and protect your dashboard, steering wheel, car seats, and other exposed areas from high temperatures and sun damage, even on a hot summer day.
You can double the effectiveness of a sunshade by buying one for your rear window, too. This is great advice for parking in the summer or anywhere you may go with searing hot temperatures.

Park in the shade

If you can find a parking space in the shade, you should take it, even it means walking a little farther to get to your destination. Unlike a sunshade, parking in the shade is the best way to shield your entire car from the sun. You will be amazed how much cooler the overall temperature in your car will be by parking in a shady area. Even in 100-degree weather, a car parked out of the
will be much more tolerable (and you don’t have to worry about burning your hand on the door handle, either). It's a good way to keep leather seats cool in the summer, too.
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Keep your windows slightly opened

When all the windows and doors in your car are shut tight, it keeps air from circulating inside the vehicle. By keeping your car windows slightly open, you allow for ventilation and constant air circulation. Be careful to only crack them a little, though, making sure you can't fit your arm through the open windows. Also, never leave any valuables in the car since a cracked window gives easy access into your car. You can lock them in the trunk if you don’t want to tempt a potential thief into targeting your car.
Another way to increase air circulation in your hot car is with a solar-powered fan, which stays on when your car is turned off and continues to cycle cool air into your car from the shady area where you're parked.

Tint your windows and sunroof

If you live in an area of the country where having a hot car is a consistent problem, and if you have the money to purchase a more permanent window covering, getting your car windows and sunroof (if you have one) tinted is a great way to keep your parked car cool in the summer. Pick a tint that’s dark enough to protect the interior of your car from the sun on a hot day, but not too dark to impede your driving abilities. You should consider daytime and evening driving visibility from the inside of the car looking out from the front, rear, and sides. 
Check with your local law enforcement to find out the legal limitations on tint levels. Find a professional that guarantees their work, so you don’t have to worry about
installing the tint
repairing the tint

Practice engine maintenance to keep your car cool

A big part of keeping your car cool is
summer engine maintenance
. Make an appointment early in the summer to check your car’s air filters, air conditioning refrigerant level, battery condition, and coolant level. Stick to your normal oil change schedule, but regularly check oil levels because the heat can make your engine work harder to keep your car cooler. A smooth-running engine will help your air conditioning cool more quickly and effectively in hot weather.

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