Is It Hard to Get Car Insurance After Being Canceled by Your Previous Insurer?

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If your car insurance policy was canceled by your previous insurer, you must act quickly to remedy the issue or find a new insurance plan and provider. Maintaining an auto insurance policy is required for car owners in nearly every states, and a long lapse in coverage will negatively impact your record. Here’s how to get your auto insurance reinstated after being canceled by your previous insurer.

Reasons for car insurance cancelation

Both insurers and the insured party retain the right to decline contract renewal when an existing coverage term comes to its end, but insurance companies must follow strict rules when it comes to terminating insurance plans. Major insurance providers can only cancel existing policies after 60 to 90 days of coverage and it can only happen when the insured party violates the terms and conditions of the original contractual agreement. Some common violations include:
  • Frequent insurance claims
  • Fraud
  • License suspension
  • Major moving violations (DUI/DWI)
  • Non-payment (after repeated warnings)
Insurance companies cannot terminate your policy due to minor infractions, such as a single parking ticket, but they retain the right to cancel your coverage if you present an increasingly high level of risk as an insured client.
The real challenge that emerges from this unfortunate situation, however, is getting your insurance coverage back or securing a new provider after facing a cancelation.

How to get your insurance back

First, it’s important that you fully understand why your policy was revoked to make sure it doesn’t happen again with another provider. It is critical that you do not let your insurance lapse, as this is a huge red flag to any potential insurance providers. Be sure to contact your provider to tackle the issue as soon as you receive the cancelation notice.
Unfortunately, your monthly insurance bill and deductible will most likely go up as a result of your previous policy being canceled. Additionally, most major insurance companies will not provide policies to customers who recently had their insurance coverage revoked from a competitor, leaving you with limited insurers to choose from.
Because of this, it can be very tricky to find a comprehensive and cost-effective insurance plan that suits your needs, especially when under a time crunch. In this case, you should consider looking into a non-standard auto insurer. The type of insurance coverage will be different than what you’re used to, but purchasing a policy ensures that you can remain driving your vehicle on the road while bypassing a lapse in coverage that could be detrimental to your insurance record. Once you have a policy in hand, you are still free to continue shopping for better coverage.
If all else fails, you may have to contact your state’s assigned risk plan and take out a policy. After spending time on this plan without missing payments or receiving any other infractions, you can eventually return to the standard insurance market. Regardless of where the chips fall, make sure you compare insurance quotes and read the fine print before selecting a new insurance plan.

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