How to Use Sea Foam to Clean Your Engine

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Engine (Photo: @FotoArtist via Twenty20)
Your engine and fuel system work hard and get dirty doing it. Over time, grime, gunk, and carbon deposits accumulate in the crankcase (where the engine oil lives). This buildup can cause overheating, hinder engine performance, and even lead to breakdowns.
Nobody likes seeing the car engine light illuminate on their dash. If you want to get ahead of harmful deposits and carbon buildup in your engine, consider using Sea Foam Motor Treatment in your scheduled engine maintenance routine. Sea Foam spray is a powerful cleaning product designed to keep your engine clean and operating at its full potential.
Not sure how to use it? Here’s what you need to know.

How to clean your engine with Sea Foam Spray

Before you begin, make sure your car is in a well-ventilated space and gather these tools and materials:
  • Sea Foam spray top engine cleaner and lube
  • Screwdriver
  • Ratchet and sockets
Start the engine: Turn on your vehicle and let it idle until it reaches its normal operating temperature. This usually takes around five minutes.
Turn the vehicle and accessories off: the engine should be warm and ready for cleaning, meaning all the carbon by-products are pliable enough to remove.
Remove air intake boot: Identify the hose clamp on your engine (if you’re having trouble finding it, consult your owner’s manual and remove the air intake valve from the throttle body. The valve is a rubber-like tube that connects the airflow sensor and air intake housing to the throttle body. It is located to the side of the engine, often by the battery. Use a screwdriver or ratchet with the appropriate socket to loosen the clamp that secures the valve, then press it away from the throttle body.
Position the hooked guide and cleaning tube: The hooked guide and cleaning tube is a piece included with the Sea Foam spray. Position the curved end so that it hooks onto the front of the throttle body (don’t attach the Sea Foam Spray yet).
Reattach the air intake valve: Put the intake valve back over the throttle body opening and clamp it over the cleaning tube.
Start the engine: Have a friend press the accelerator until it reaches 2000 RPM.
Spray the Sea Foam: Connect the free end of the tube to the Sea Foam nozzle. Spray the entirety of the can while the engine is running. It takes approximately seven minutes to empty a can.
Shut the engine off: Turn the vehicle off and retrieve the hooked tube from between the air intake boot and throttle body. This means removing and replacing the air valve again.
Let the Sea Foam hot soak: The Sea Foam has to be given time to soak so it can break up the carbon by-products. This is called hot soaking the engine and it takes about 10 minutes.
Go for a drive: Take your vehicle for a 10-minute drive. This will burn away the residual residue from the buildup in your engine.