Prius at night (Photo: @12.overlord.05 via Twenty20)

How to Sync Your Cell Phone Numbers to Your Toyota Prius

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Prius at night (Photo: @12.overlord.05 via Twenty20)
The Toyota Prius is among the country’s most popular hybrids, and is nothing if not high tech. Syncing up a phone to your Prius interface will allow you to facilitate hands-free calling when you’re driving. Transferring your cell phone contacts to the Prius means you’ll be able to call friends and associates directly off the interface.

Make sure your phone is compatible with your Prius

In order to sync properly, your phone will need wireless Bluetooth capabilities. Fortunately, this feature comes with the majority of modern phones. Bluetooth should be found in the wireless section of your phone’s menu, and should be activated in order for a sync to occur.
If you need clarification about your phone’s Bluetooth feature, you should be able to find a readme in the manual, or online on the manufacturer’s website. Toyota has a list of cell phones compatible with the Prius sync feature on their website. Generally speaking, unless your phone is ancient, there should not be an issue with getting your phone linked up.
As an alternative to Bluetooth, you may find it easier to physically plug in the phone to the Prius via a USB cable. This will also charge the phone and ensure it doesn’t run out of battery while you’re syncing it.

Initiate the transfer from the Prius interface

To access the Prius interface, you’ll need to make sure that your car is at least in “accessory mode,” meaning that the key has been turned without igniting the engine itself. The Prius interface can be easily accessed from the dash head, directly to the right of the driver’s seat.
The Prius interface is designed with ease of access and user-friendliness in mind. The interface information center has a phone category in its menu specifically for this sort of syncing compatibility. With the phone already syncing, access the telephone settings, then press on the “Phone Book” button.
Provided the phone sync is functioning properly, there should be a “Start Transfer” icon to press. Pressing the button should initiate the transfer.
You can transfer one contact or all of them; you’ll be prompted whether you want to transfer a single contact or all of them at once. If you already have contacts on your Prius phonebook, you should keep in mind that a full contacts transfer may result in duplicates.

Troubleshooting transfer issues

An easy fix for many of these issues is to simply unplug the USB or Bluetooth and put it back in. If there was an issue with the connection itself, this will cause it to reboot, hopefully thereby solving the issue. Switching from Bluetooth to a USB connection can fix things as well if there’s a wireless problem.
If there’s a persistent problem and the interface doesn’t light up with some indication of the source, it may be a problem of compatibility with the phone itself.
Copying your phonebook to your Prius should be quick and convenient. If there’s a legitimate connectivity issue between the phone and the Prius and you’ve ruled out issues on the phone side, there may be an issue with the Prius interface itself. Although it may not be severe enough of an issue to justify taking the car to the shop, it’s nonetheless something to keep in mind whenever you’re next with a mechanic.