How to Switch Car Insurance Companies

To switch car insurance companies, you’ll need to compare quotes, check for cancellation penalties, and avoid a lapse in coverage.
Written by R.E. Fulton
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Updated on Apr 27, 2022
If you want to switch car insurance companies, you’ll need to compare quotes from at least a few companies, contact your current carrier to check for cancellation penalties, and time your switch carefully to avoid a lapse in coverage. 
Switching auto insurance can open up greater savings, new discounts, and better coverage. It’s an especially good idea if you’ve recently removed or added a driver to your policy, purchased a new car, or moved to a new state
The process is relatively simple, but it’s important to make sure you follow all the steps to avoid the serious financial and legal consequences that could come with a coverage lapse. 
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Continue reading to learn how to switch car insurance companies. 

How to switch car insurance companies

It’s not hard to switch your auto insurance, but to do it right you’ll need to follow a number of specific steps. Here’s how to switch insurance companies in six easy steps (or just one with

1. Consider your coverage needs

Start by determining what kinds of coverage you want to buy. If you’re buying insurance for an older car, you may want to stick to the basics of
, and
insurance. Insuring your brand-new dream car? Don’t forget
new car replacement insurance
If you’re changing policies because you’ve moved to a new state, this step is particularly important.
Check your state’s car insurance laws
to make sure you’re buying the right types and amounts of coverage. 

2. Comparison shop

Comparison shopping is the most labor-intensive part of switching insurance companies, but don’t skip this step! Look up
average insurance costs
based on your area and demographics and get quotes from three to five insurance companies so you can compare their policies. 
When you’re getting quotes, you’ll need to provide the company or agency with some basic information about yourself and your car, such as your address; the car’s year, make, and model; the vehicle identification number (VIN); and your driver’s license or Social Security number
Don’t just look for low rates—keep track of the customer service you get from each company so you can factor that into your decision. 

3. Contact your current carrier

This step is easy to forget: Make sure you let your current carrier know you’re planning to switch. They won’t be able to negotiate a new rate, but you may have the chance to find new discounts with them that would make staying worth it. 
If you’re shopping for new rates in the middle of your policy term, you should also check that your carrier won’t charge you a cancellation fee. Your carrier will be required to refund any unused premium, but some companies will add charges for customers who cancel early. 

4. Switch before your old policy expires 

Once you’ve chosen the company you’re switching to, schedule your new policy to begin before your old policy expires. Putting even a day or two between your insurance policies will leave you uninsured and in violation of the law, and the consequences could be serious. 
Driving without insurance could lead to higher premiums in the future—and if you cause an accident during a lapse in coverage, you’ll be responsible for all the costs out of pocket

5. Cancel your old policy

Don’t forget to cancel your old policy once the switch is complete! It won’t be canceled automatically, and if you forget to cancel and don’t keep up with payments, you’ll take on new debt that could damage your credit. Cancel online or by phone to avoid a sticky financial situation.

6. Print out new insurance IDs

Congratulations—you switched your car insurance! Make sure to print out your new insurance ID and keep
proof of insurance
in your vehicle at all times.

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Why switch car insurance companies?

Switching auto insurance can bring a host of benefits, from lower rates and better discounts to improved customer service and increased coverage. There’s no limit on when you can switch, so any time you’re dissatisfied with the service or rates you’re getting from your current carrier, it’s worth looking for a new company. 
Your car is one of the biggest expenses in your life, and it’s also an important resource. Don’t miss an opportunity to improve your coverage or save additional money—even a small reduction in insurance costs could have a big impact on your financial health!  

When to switch car insurance companies

Not sure when you should consider a switch? The best time to switch insurance companies is when your driving status or life situation has changed, but you can look for new rates at any time. 
Here are a few times when it’s a good idea to switch your auto insurance—and a few times when it’s better to wait.  

When to switch 

It’s smart to search for new auto insurance around any major life events or changes to your driving status. If you just got married, added a new driver to your policy, moved to a new state, or bought a new car, you should compare quotes from a few carriers to see if you could get a better premium or different coverage elsewhere. 

When to wait

In general, there’s no wrong time to switch auto insurance, but in a few specific situations, it makes financial sense to wait before switching. If you have an open insurance claim, it may be better to wait before switching so that you avoid the complications of processing a claim while dealing with two companies at once. 
If you’ve just been in an accident or if you have a recent violation on your driving record, don’t switch until your policy is up for renewal. Most companies don’t recalculate your premium until your renewal date, so you’ll enjoy a few extra months at your lower rate before the violation triggers an increase. 
Finally, it may be worth staying with your current carrier if you qualify for a loyalty discount or other discounts that are only available to long-term customers. 

How to save time when switching auto insurance

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