How to Stop a Mattress Topper from Sliding

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Bedding (Photo: @pcbenadeza via Twenty20)
You bought a mattress topper or a mattress pad to make your bed more comfortable; however, you can’t seem to sleep through the night without it shifting or even popping off.
If your mattress topper doesn’t fit correctly, it isn’t uncommon to wake up on your mattress cover, while your sheets and mattress pad are bunched up in an uncomfortable lump where they aren’t supposed to be.
There are many reasons why a mattress topper might shift around. The sizing might be a bit off, the material might be too smooth to create friction between the mattress and topper, or a lack of a headboard and footboard on your bed frame can even play a role.
Whatever the reason, you probably just want to wake up with your bedding intact. Don’t panic and whip out the duct tape to secure your bedding in place. Here are a few methods you can try to prevent your mattress topper from slipping.

Sheet Suspenders

We’re not talking about the suspenders in your closet. Sheet suspenders or sheet straps work in a similar fashion. They are cords that clip around the corners of your sheets and tuck beneath the mattress (and above the box spring). While these handy devices are designed to keep fitted sheets from slipping, they will also do the trick for mattress toppers.

A Tightly Fitted Sheet

If your fitted sheet is on the loose side, swap it out for a tightly fitted sheet. This may create enough pressure to keep the mattress topper in place. If you’ve also been struggling with a misbehaving bottom sheet, this solution may actually solve two problems.

A Non-Skid Mat

Non-skid mats are textured rubber sheets that are designed to prevent area rugs from slipping. They also do a great job of producing friction between mattress toppers and mattresses.

An Extra Cotton Fitted Sheet

Many types of bedding are naturally slick which can easily through your mattress topper out of whack. Cotton bedding, on the other hand, has more traction than its slippery counterparts. Try putting a fitted sheet on the mattress, putting the mattress topper back on, and then putting another fitted sheet over the topper and mattress. If everything fits properly, it should be enough to keep your mattress topper in place.