Be aware of the vehicles around you to stay safe while you drive on the highway. (Photo: @TonyTheTigersSon via Twenty20)

How to Stay Safe While You Drive on the Highway

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Be aware of the vehicles around you to stay safe while you drive on the highway. (Photo: @TonyTheTigersSon via Twenty20)
Highway driving can be dangerous with higher speeds, more lanes, and tons of different drivers on the road. Drivers should be extra vigilant when traveling on the highway to avoid potential accidents.
The following tips are good guidelines to observe anytime you enter the highway onramp.
Tip 1: Always wear your seatbelt. It should go without saying, but seat belts save lives. Buckle up anytime you get in the car, and especially if you are driving on the highway.
Tip 2: Check your mirrors and the cars around you. When driving on the highway, you should periodically check on the car behind you, the car in front of you, and any approaching cars you can see in your mirrors. Frequently checking your surroundings will alert you to potential dangers.
Tip 3: Maintain a safe distance between you and the car in front of you. Another tried-and-true tip that not every driver follows, maintaining a safe distance will give you plenty of time to react should something happen.
Tip 4: Avoid distractions while driving. Talking on your smartphone, applying makeup, listening to loud music, or eating a complicated meal can all distract you from the road ahead.
Avoid these distractions while driving so that you can focus on what’s more important. Everything else can wait, especially when your safety is on the line.
Tip 5: Use your turn signals and be respectful of other motorists. Before changing a lane or entering or exiting the highway, always be sure to signal.
Let other drivers know your intentions well in advance so that they can react accordingly. Respect other motorists by maintaining a safe distance, driving at the speed limit, and changing lanes only when there is ample room to do so.