How to Sell Your Car with Local Advertisements

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Your car is one of the best sources of advertising available to you. If you want to sell it outright, as opposed to trading it in at a dealership, use it as a rolling advertisement. Prospective buyers can get a look at what you are selling before they even make the call to set up a test drive. It’s practically free advertising.
There are other ways to advertise your car, too. Utilize all of them for a quick sale.

How to Detail Your Car to Entice Buyers

Materials Needed
  • Bucket
  • Bug/tar remover (if necessary)
  • Car wash soaps (one for body, one for wheels)
  • Garden hose with spray nozzle
  • Non-abrasive cloth to use with bug/tar remover
  • Sponges (one for body, one for wheels)
  • Towel
  • Vacuum
  • Windex and newspaper or paper towel
Give your car a thorough cleaning so that it looks its best while it’s being advertised for sale. Use a car wash soap, not dish detergent. Car wash soap is formulated to protect the paint finish. Be sure to use a special soap for the wheels.
Step 1: Make sure the car is not too hot or cold. If it is hot out, move your car out of the sun for an hour or two before you wash it in the shade. If it is a little cool outside, park it in the sun.
Step 2: Fill your bucket with soapy water. Hose the car down thoroughly and then scrub it. Start at the top, work your way down, and rinse often while washing. Don’t let the soap dry on the car.
Step 3: Dry the car with an absorbent towel before it air dries to prevent water spots. Open the doors, hood, and trunk lid and dry the jams thoroughly with the towel.
Step 4: Clean the car interior. If the damp towel is not dirty, you can use that to wipe down the seats and other parts of the interior. Vacuum thoroughly and then use window cleaner to polish up the windows. Don’t skip that step. Windows in a car get filthy gradually. You probably won’t even notice how dirty they are, but a prospective buyer might.
Step 5: Get pictures. Take a pictures of the exterior and interior of the car from several different angles.

How to Utilize Your Other Car Advertising Options

Option 1: Put “For Sale” signs in the windows of your car. You can make your own signs with poster board and markers or buy them.
Put one on each side of the car and in the rear window. Do not obstruct your view, though. Position the side signs on the backseat windows, and place the rear-window sign to one side.
You can put the year and mileage on the sign, if you prefer, or simply your phone number.
Option 2: Advertise online. Post a couple of good pictures of the car. People like to see what you’re selling. The most frequently used sites include:
Option 3: Contact your local newspapers and put an advertisement in the classifieds. While this seems a bit antiquated, many people still turn to the good-old newspaper classifieds. Newspapers can usually be accessed online, too.
Option 4: Put an advertisement on the bulletin boards at local stores. Lots of people check bulletin boards when they go to the store. They are usually located just inside the main doors.
Use a colored pen and/or colored paper to grab attention right away. Print neatly or use a computer and printer. If you don’t have a printer, you can always go to a local copy shop. Put your phone number on perforated strips along the bottom edge of the sign so people don’t have to write down your number.

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