How to Sell a Car Online

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If you’re a car owner, there will come a time when you want or need to sell your car. Thankfully, there are many apps and sites that make selling a used car easier than it’s ever been.
That being said, how do you sell a car online? Here are some tips and tricks for placing an ad and finding suitable prospective buyers.

1. Get your car certified

Unlike buying from a dealer, a private party selling a car online requires the buyer to put a lot of faith in a car’s condition without seeing it first. By having a reputable mechanic complete a mechanical, safety, and smog car inspection, you can command top dollar for your vehicle.
Not to mention, having a clean bill of health means your ad will also likely attract more potential buyers.

2. Clean your car

Put your best foot (or wheel) forward by performing a top-notch detailing job. Not only will great pictures for your online listing attract more buyers, they will also help you secure your car’s value in the purchase price. Sure, the potential car buyers aren’t buying a new car, but they will still want it to feel like new.

3. Research your car’s value

The best way to get a fair price for your vehicle is to research your car’s average selling price using online tools like Kelley Blue Book or NADA Guides. If the sale price of your car is too high, you won’t get any offers and if you price it too low, you’ll leave money on the table.

4. Place an ad

The options for selling your car online are endless. Pick the site or app that best suits your needs and create an ad. If you’re offering the option to buy online or remotely, clearly state accepted payment methods (like Venmo or PayPal) in the advertisement.
Provide as much detail and pictures as possible so buyers can make informed decisions as to whether or not they are interested in your vehicle. Also give the buyers the option to come to view your car and give it a test drive.

5. Provide a Vehicle History Report

Assure potential buyers of your car’s condition. Provide a vehicle history report from an online source like or that details any previous issues, the title status, and records of ownership.
If you aren’t willing to provide a VHR, it may seem like you’re hiding something, which could make buyers wary.

6. Reach a deal

As soon as you post your ad, be prepared to communicate with inquirers, entertain offers, and make a deal.

7. Arrange payment and delivery

Only consider the deal completed when you’ve received payment from the buyer. If you’ve only reached a verbal or written agreement, keep the listing up and mark it as “Deal Pending” until you have secured a deposit.
If the buyer doesn’t want to pick up the car, it’s a good idea to provide delivery options. If the buyer doesn’t live nearby, consider options like Montway Auto Transport for door-to-door delivery within state or cross-country. If the buyer is local, you might be able to arrange a pick-up or drop-off time. If there’s a cost involved for the buyer, make sure you have received payment before arranging the shipment.

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