How to Save on Car Insurance with a Good Student Discount

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Teenagers and young adults don’t usually get the cheapest car insurance rates simply because they’re higher risk due to a lack of driving experience. There is, however, one common way young people in school (or their parents) can reduce their insurance premiums: Students with above-average grades often qualify for a good student discount.
While the hard part is putting in the study time to earn those great grades, it is relatively easy to take advantage of a good student discount. Here’s what you need to know about the age cut-off and how to provide the documentation necessary to take care of this surprising auto insurance discount.

How to get a discount for a young driver

The process of obtaining a good student discount may vary by car insurance company, but there are some steps that generally apply.
Step 1: Find out the age requirement. Ask your current insurance provider or prospective one what the age requirement is for the good student discount to be sure you or your child qualify for it. For most companies, the age requirement is 25 years old and younger.
Step 2: Get proof of full-time status. Verify that you or your child is a full-time high school or college student. The requirements to be considered a full-time student often varies between universities and is a common stipulation for a good driver discount on car insurance.
Step 3: Provide a report card. Get a copy of your report card or college transcript to provide to your insurance company as proof of good student status. Usually, a B, or 3.0 grade point average (GPA) qualifies a student for the car insurance discount. Alternatively, you can use a copy of the Honor Roll or Dean’s List if those are accepted documents by your insurance company.
Students who are schooled from home also qualify for discounts. If home-schooled students do not get report cards, they may provide different documentation of good student status, such as a letter from an administrator or copies of ACT or SAT scores.
College students who attend a school outside of their state of residency and only drive a vehicle when at home over breaks may qualify for a different discount called a resident student discount.
Whenever shopping for car insurance for yourself or family members, it’s wise to get quotes from multiple insurance providers to compare rates and benefits. Also, don’t hesitate to ask questions about how the good student discount works or about other aspects of a car insurance policy. After all, when you have the proper information in hand, you can feel confident about the quality of your insurance coverage.

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