How to Save $13,000 in 15 Years with One App

See how the car insurance savings add up when you switch through!
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, we get that you have better things to do than shop for car insurance. So our app does all the hard work for you — we send you quotes that compare to your current level of coverage, and if you decide to switch to a more affordable plan, we handle all the paperwork to set up your new policy. It’s that simple.
How much money could you save by switching car insurance through
? Right off the bat, our customers have reported savings of $50, $80, even $100 a month! And if you think those numbers are stellar, just wait until you find out how much you could save with us over time.
Consider these figures:
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Saving an average of over $800 on car insurance in one year is pretty great, but that’s just the start for our customers. Those who stick with us for five years could rack up total car insurance savings of almost $4,400. And after 15 years, those savings could add up to over $13,000!
Just think of all you could do or buy with an extra $13,000 in the bank. You could make a down payment on a new car or home. You could make a generous donation to a charity of your choice. Or you could rake in even more money by investing in stocks or index funds.

Where Do These Savings Come From?

The thing is,
doesn’t conjure these savings out of nowhere. We take advantage of the fact that insurance carriers differ in their pricing. Each carrier calculates premiums using their own in-house formula. And depending on the formula, various personal factors like
driving record
, and
vehicle history
may be weighted differently.
You also have to remember that car insurance discounts can vary among carriers. You may qualify for a
driver-training discount
with one insurer and not with another.
So there are potentially lots of savings to be had by comparison shopping, and you don’t have to change your coverage or your deductible to find a good deal. But getting quotes from one carrier after another can be a slog, and you may be bombarded by phone calls and emails from dogged salespeople. Why deal with all that when you don’t have to?
This is where
comes in. When you sign up, we find you affordable quotes that compare to your current level of coverage from dozens of carriers. And this isn’t a one-time process — we also send you new quotes every time your policy comes up for renewal, which means you’re always getting the coverage you want at the best price.
When you’re ready to switch,
does the paperwork to set up your new policy. No more pushy salespeople or pesky spam — just more money in your pocket. And best of all, our services are free!

The App That’s Winning Rave Reviews

The convenience and savings offered by the
app have translated into glowing reviews from our customers. In fact, the app currently enjoys a 4.7 rating on the
App Store
with 3,200 reviews!
Check out what people are saying about
  • Downloaded this and gave it my name and date of birth, it asked me a few questions about my employment and education to find discounts, and it came back with a quote that has the exact same coverage for $150 less per month. I thought that there would be some fine print, but I read the whole document and it is totally legitimate… Answering 10 questions could save you $1,800 a year. I’m blown away. 11/10. — WillSmith528
  • Well, our bill was coming up for my old car insurance company, Geico, and it was $470. We just did not have that full amount. At all. Especially with me being currently pregnant and almost to my due date and having a 1 year old son already. So we decided it was time to give Jerry a try! And let me tell you, it’s saving us $216 a month! Jerry found us car insurance that matches 100% to my old coverage with Geico for so much cheaper! — Kayla.H2019
  • I put in all my info, they searched 40 some insurance companies and I was literally floored by the savings they accomplished for me. I WAS paying close to $690 every 6 months for full coverage on my 2017 Dodge Journey. Now since letting Jerry do their magic and searching for a better deal, I’m now only paying $380 every 6 months for the exact same identical coverage amounts. — wwbigal
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