How to Retrieve an Impounded Car

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    You’ve just finished shopping with friends at the mall. You walk out to the parking lot and realize you can’t find your car. Maybe you think it has been stolen. Or maybe you realize you parked in a space with a two-hour limit and you spent all day shopping. A light goes off in your head — your car has been towed!
    Now you have to figure out how to retrieve your impounded car. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you work to get your car back.

    Find Out Where Your Car Has Been Taken

    Whether your car was impounded because you got pulled over and it was confiscated for unpaid parking tickets, or because you parked in a spot with a time limit and it was towed, you need to find out where your car was taken.
    If your vehicle was towed from a parking space, there is often a sign by the space with the towing company's contact information. If your car was impounded and taken by the police, you will have to contact the police department to see which towing company they contract with or if they have their own.

    Find Out How Much You Must Pay to Get It Back

    Once you figure out why your car was towed and where it was taken, you can figure out how much you must pay to get it back. If you have unpaid tickets, you will have to pay them off before the police will release your car.
    If you parked in the wrong space, you may face some type of fine. You need to be prepared to pay this fine and more. There will be towing fees, storage fees, and other possible costs. You should also find out if there is a daily impounding fee. If there is, you need to get your car out as soon as possible or your costs could increase significantly by the day.

    Bring Accepted Forms of Payment, Identification, and Other Required Paperwork

    When you are ready to pick up your car, make sure you bring an accepted form of payment. Some towing companies will only take a money order, cashier’s check, or cash. Some only take credit cards, while others may take all these forms of payment. However, rarely will a company take a personal check.
    Make sure to bring your driver’s license, proof of car insurance, and car registration. The towing company will want to make sure you own the car and have the right to pick it up. You may also have to bring in a receipt showing you have paid all the police fines involved in the incident.
    The most important thing you need to remember to do is remain calm. If you get upset, you will only make the situation worse. There are processes and procedures you will have to go through no matter what, so the best thing to do is be patient and prepared. By finding out ahead of time why your car was impounded, where it was towed, how much it will cost to retrieve, how you can pay the fees, and what paperwork you need to take with you, you can save lots of money and frustration.

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