How to Replace Your Car Door

This is an overview of how to replace your car door. Learn what you'll need to replace it, how to replace it step-by-step, and more.
Written by Marisol Pereira
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
Replacing your car door starts with making sure you have the right parts. Here's the step-by-step process for how to replace a car door.
Whether you've been in an accident, or whether your old car door is just showing signs of wear and tear, it's always important to make sure a new car door is installed correctly. While you can always take your car to a
, auto shops can be an expensive choice for car door repair, so it might be financially worthwhile to look into doing it yourself.
If you do choose to
your car door yourself, here's how to do it safely and correctly.
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Gather the proper equipment and parts

No two car model doors are the same. That's why it's important to get the correct door, hardware, and tools for your specific vehicle model. To figure out what these exact parts are, you can take a look at your car's manual.
You can find replacement doors online, or at your nearest repair shop or auto parts shop.

How to replace the car door

Remove the wiring

Most car doors are wired for
, door locks, car windows, and other electrical components, so you'll need to remove the wiring before you can remove the door.
The wires are inside a rubber tube that travels from the door to the car's body. Gently pull this tube out of the car’s body until you see the electrical connector, then disconnect the electrical connector.

Remove the door holder

The door holder is a small plastic arm that slides in and out of the door as it opens and closes. It is not intended to hold the full weight of the door, so it's imperative that you remove the door holder before removing the nuts and bolts holding the door in place. To remove it, simply unbolt the door holder.
Some cars do have the door holder integrated as part of the car door's hinges. If this is the case, simply skip to the next step.

Remove the door

Unbolt the hinges and remove the door,
and all, from the car. This is a two-person job, so make sure you have a friend support the door while you're removing the hinges. This will ensure that it doesn't fall and sustain any damage when you disconnect it from the car.

Align the new door

Place the new door into position and ensure that you align the door frame and the bolts.

Attach the new door

Now that you have aligned the new door in place, tighten the bolts to the hinges. Start by tightening them with your hands and finish the job with a wrench. This will help ensure that they stay firmly in place.

Reattach the door holder

Bolt the door holder back in place if you were able to remove it.

Connect the wiring

Plug the new door connector into the car connector. When everything is connected, push the tube with the wires into its intended place in the car door, usually a small crevice.

How to make sure it's installed correctly

Test your work

Test the electronics in the car, including your windows, speakers, and
door lock
If the door doesn't close smoothly, adjust the hinges for a better fit.

Apply thread locking fluid to the hinges

Apply some thread locking fluid on the door's hinges to prevent them from loosening over time. Loosen the bolts one at a time, apply the fluid, and tighten them again.
By following these steps, you should be all set to easily replace your car door yourself!
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What is the replacement cost of a car door?

The cost to replace a car door will vary based on whether the door is new or used. Replacing your car door with a new one can run you over $1,000 if you use a mechanic, and just the new car door shell may cost you between $500 and $1,000. The cost to replace your door with a used one will usually run between $500 and $800, including labor. While a used door might require a paint job and some repair, it's definitely the cheaper option!

How do you replace a car door mirror?

Start by ordering a replacement mirror of the same make and model. Remove the cover and door panels if your mirror is automatic (and if not, just pop off the mirror trim panel). Once you've done that, disconnect the cable from the mirror and disassemble the electrical connector. Remove the screws that hold the mirror, remove it from the door, and attach the new mirror. Put the electrical connector, cable, door panels, and cover back together, and you should be set.

How much does it cost to replace a door handle on a car?

It will depend on the make and model of the car, but generally, replacing an outside door handle costs $170, while an inside door handle costs around $80.

How do you replace a car door window?

To replace a car door window, start by getting the parts. New glass can be expensive, so if you can find used glass panes, this may save you a significant amount. Remove the inner door panel and extract the mounting hardware that held the previous window. (Be careful, since this hardware often still has shards of glass.)
If you have power windows, unhook the quick-disconnect plug. Raise the window-raising mechanism into a service position, vacuum any remaining broken glass, and remove the seal at the bottom of the window.
Slide your new window into place, then attach the glass panel to the regulator with help from a friend and bolt the window track down. Put the car door back together, and you should be set!
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