How to Replace a Lost or Stolen Car Title

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    To legally sell or transfer a car in the U.S., you need a copy of the vehicle title. But what do you do when a title is lost or stolen? You can easily replace a car title by filling out an application and sending it to the appropriate agency in your state. In addition, you must provide the required documentation and pay any fees.

    The Cost for a Replacement Title

    The agency that handles replacement titles varies by state. In addition, fees can also differ widely. The following chart details what each state charges for a replacement title and which agency handles the paperwork:
    Title Replacement Cost and Responsible Agency by State
    State Replacement Title Cost Responsible Agency
    Alabama $15 Alabama Department of Revenue
    Alaska $15 Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
    Arizona $4 Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD)
    Arkansas $10 Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration
    California $20 California DMV
    Colorado $8.20 Colorado Department of Revenue
    Connecticut $25 Connecticut DMV
    Delaware $50 Delaware DMV
    D.C. $26 D.C. DMV
    Florida $75.25 Florida DHSMV
    Georgia $8 Georgia MVD
    Hawaii $5 Hawaii DMV
    Idaho $28 Idaho DMV
    Illinois $95 Illinois Secretary of State
    Indiana $15 Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV)
    Iowa $30 Iowa DMV
    Kansas $10 Kansas Division of Vehicles
    Kentucky $6 Kentucky County Clerk
    Louisiana $76.50 Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV)
    Maine $33 Maine BMV
    Maryland $20 Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA)
    Massachusetts $25 Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV)
    Michigan $15 Michigan Department of State
    Minnesota $17.25 Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS)
    Mississippi $9 Mississippi Department of Revenue
    Missouri $11 Missouri Department of Revenue
    Montana $10 Montana MVD
    Nebraska $14 Nebraska County Treasurer
    Nevada $21 Nevada DMV
    New Hampshire $25 New Hampshire DMV
    New Jersey $60 New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC)
    New Mexico $16.50 New Mexico DMV
    New York $20 New York DMV
    North Carolina $20 North Carolina DMV
    North Dakota $5 North Dakota Department of Transportation (DOT)
    Ohio $15 Ohio BMV
    Oklahoma $11 Oklahoma MVD
    Oregon $77 Oregon DMV
    Pennsylvania $53 Pennsylvania DOT
    Rhode Island $51.50 Rhode Island DMV
    South Carolina $15 South Carolina DMV
    South Dakota $10 South Dakota MVD
    Tennessee $11 Tennessee County Clerk
    Texas $2 by mail/$5.45 in person Texas DMV
    Utah $6 Utah DMV
    Vermont $35 Vermont DMV
    Virginia $10 Virginia DMV
    Washington $31 Washington State Department of Licensing
    West Virginia $15 West Virginia DMV
    Wisconsin $20 Wisconsin DMV
    Wyoming $15 Wyoming DOT
    * Check with your state’s agency to determine current fees.

    How to Apply for a Replacement Title

    Step 1: Fill out the title replacement form. Obtain a replacement title application from the appropriate state organization. You can search their website or visit a local office for an application.
    Step 2: Include the necessary paperwork. Most often, when submitting a replacement title application, you need to provide other information as well, which varies by state. Make photocopies of the original documents to send. Some of the more commonly needed information includes:
    Step 3: Mail to the correct agency. If you want to mail in your form, visit the website of the appropriate agency in your state to determine where you need to mail the paperwork and the payment.
    Also, make sure to send a self-addressed stamped envelope so the agency can mail you back the duplicate title.
    Step 4: Visit a local office. Instead of mailing in your application, you can visit a local office for the agency responsible for replacing lost or stolen titles. Visit the agency’s website or do an online search to find the office nearest you.
    In order to sell or transfer a car to someone else, you need to have a legal title. And while accidents do happen and a title gets lost or stolen, you can easily replace it by contacting the appropriate agency in your state. In addition, some insurance companies might require proof of ownership in the form of a title as a condition for insuring your car.

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