How to Remove Window Tint From Car Windows

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If you’ve recently purchased a car with tinted windows or you have an older car that needs its tint removed due to bubbling and warping, then you should learn how to remove car tint.
Luckily, the car tint is not permanent, so you’re not stuck with it. But there is a process you should follow so that all the tint actually comes off and you have an elegant final product.
Read on to find out how to remove window tint from car windows.

How to remove tint with steamer

To remove your window tint with steam, you’ll need an adhesive remover spray and a steamer.
Acquire a clothing steamer. As its name implies, a clothing or fabric steamer is a tool that produces steam, and it can be repurposed for removing window tint. These can be typically purchased at a local retailer, generally anywhere that similar appliances such as an iron are available.
Apply steam to a corner of the window. Using the fabric steamer, hold the tool just above the surface of one corner of the window. Continue to let the steam do its work on the window tint until you notice that the material starts to loosen.
Peel the tint with your finger. Once the tint begins to loosen, you should be able to get your finger on enough of it to start to peel it off. It’s important here that you do not try to pull or rip the entire tint off all at once. If you do so, the tint will rip, which means the job will take a lot more time.
Peel the tint off slowly and continue to steam as you peel. This will allow you to get off as much of the tint as you can in one pass.
Use an adhesive remover to get rid of any residual goo. You can find adhesive remover sprays at an automotive store, for example, to help get your windows fully cleaned. You may also want to clean your windows with regular cleaner to get the best possible look.

How to remove tint with a razor blade

To remove tint form your windows with a razor blade, you’ll need the sharp blade, glass cleaner, a spray bottle, and soap and water.
Cut a small section of the tint. Using the razor blade, carefully cut through the tint in a small section. Be extra careful here as you do not want to scratch the glass. Don’t press down as hard as you can, for example, and take your time. It’s really not worth it to go through the whole process of removing ugly tint to find out that your windows got dinged up in the process.
Peel away at the cut section. You can use your razor blade to get under the cut film so you can get a grip on it. Peel away at the entirety of the cut section. In all likelihood, the tint will tear and come off only partially in some places. This is expected.
Apply soap and water to the section of film that has been cut away. You can mix the soap and water in a bottle and spray it onto the window. The adhesive on the window should begin to loosen with the application of the soapy water, so use your razor blade to scrape as much of it off as possible. Again, be careful not to scratch the window.
Use glass cleaner on the window. Any leftover mess should be removed using glass cleaner for a finished look.
Repeat the above steps on the remaining parts of the window. Cut away the rest of the film on the same window and the other windows to finish the job.


What is the easiest way to remove window tint?

The easiest way to remove window tint is by using the steaming method described above.

How do I remove window tint adhesive?

To remove window tint adhesive, get an adhesive remover and apply it to your window. You’ll also want to clean it afterwards with soap and water to get the best possible look.
Removing car tint from windows is not an overly difficult process, and it’s one that can be completed in a couple of different ways depending on the items you have on hand. With a little patience and effort, you can really get your windows looking sharp without the eyesore of bubbling or torn tint bringing them down.

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