How to Remove Paint from Tile

You can remove paint from tile with a little elbow grease. the right tools, and the right cleaning products. Read this guide on removing paint from tile to learn how.
Written by Elaine Sulpy
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
Getting paint out of your home tiles can be easy if you use the right tools.
Adding a new color
, or removing one, is an easy way to change the look of a kitchen or bathroom. But these two rooms typically have one material your other rooms do not: tile.
No matter how careful you are and how much painters tarp or tape you use, it’s inevitable that a splatter of paint (or perhaps a puddle of it) will end up on your tiles. Or perhaps you simply want to remove the existing paint on some tile work. Whether it’s a small spot or a big mess,
will show you how to remove paint from your tile.
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How to easily remove paint from tile

When you see dreaded paint drips on your tile, there are several options to remove the paint. How to remove the paint will depend on a few factors, including whether the paint is wet or dry, the type of paint, and the type of tile. More porous tiles will absorb more of the paint, and they may need to be replaced.
The following options will help you remove paint from tile, from easier-to-remove spots to harder-to-remove stains:
Option 1: Wipe away wet paint. If the paint is still wet when you notice it, use a clean, wet rag and wipe the paint away. You may need to repeat the process a few times with clean sections of the rag until the paint is fully removed. Try slightly soapy water to remove any remaining residue.
Option 2: Scrape it away. To remove paint from tile, the most common method is using a razor blade and scraping the old paint away. An
Xacto knife
helps you hold on to the razor blade safely while maintaining a good angle.
Hold the blade at a 45-degree angle and gently scrape the paint from the tile. This should remove most paint types from just about any non-porous tile. A little bit of soapy water can clean up any residue that remains on the tile.
Option 3: Heat it up and scrape it away. For older paint or slightly porous tile, try heating up the paint before attempting to remove it. Use either a blow dryer or a small
heat gun
and gently warm the paint up.
Once the paint is pliable, hold an Xacto knife at a 45-degree angle and scrape the paint away. If there is any paint residue, heat it up again and use a clean damp cloth with a small amount of soapy water to blot and wipe the paint away.
Option 4: Try a natural solution. An easy-to-make, natural paint-cleaning solution can be created with equal parts water and white vinegar. Mix the solution and apply it with a clean cloth to gently blot away paint.
This works great for more stubborn paint or porous tiles. If you need something with more grit, add baking soda to the mixture.
This natural solution can also be combined with an Xacto knife to remove larger paint drips. There may be an odor from the vinegar, so utilize some soapy water to clean the area once the paint is gone.
Option 5: Use a Paint remover. There are many brands of commercial-strength paint remover available for purchase, which should be reserved for stubborn paint stains.
Due to the fumes emitted by paint cleaner, be sure the area you are working in is well ventilated, and take breaks often. In addition, be sure to use gloves. Follow the instructions on the paint-remover container to ensure the best results.
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Important tips to remove paint from tile

Tip 1: Remember the angle. When scraping away paint, you want to remember to keep the razor blade at a 45-degree angle for maximum paint removal.
Tip 2: The newer the blade, the more cleanly it can remove paint and the less likely it is to scratch the tile. Change it out if you notice any damage to the blade. Wipe off the excess paint often so you have a clean surface to scrape with for maximum coverage.
Tip 3: Air it out. Remember, if you are utilizing a paint cleaner, especially a commercial cleaner, you will need proper ventilation in the room. Open all windows and doors, use a fan to keep the air moving, and take frequent breaks for fresh air.
Tip 4: Don’t ignore the grout. One issue with a larger paint-covered section of tile is going to be the grout. If the grout was well sealed, the paint should come off. If not, you may have staining and need to either
paint over the grout
with a special paint or re-grout the tiles.
Getting paint on your tile doesn’t have to be a big problem. Before you resort to tile replacement, take a few minutes to gently try to wipe or scrape the paint away. Keep your home looking beautiful by keeping the paint where it should be–on the walls, not on your tile.
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