How to Protect a Convertible Interior

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Protecting your convertible's interior is essential to reduce the chances of interior damage and rips in the upholstery.
Convertibles allow you to drive around with the wind in your hair ready to adventure or travel. These specialty cars can be a little more costly than their non-top-removing counterparts, so you want to do everything you can to protect your investment. An easy way to do so is by protecting the interior of your convertible.
Convertible tops come in two types, hard or soft. While some of the highest-end convertibles feature the ability to drop and stow a hardtop inside the vehicle, traditional hard tops must be fully removed and stored when not in use.
A soft top is designed to come down and stow somehow in the vehicle. Some soft tops offer remote capabilities to lower the top while others must be lowered and stowed by hand. Here's how to keep your convertible at its best.
Here's how to protect your convertible's interior, presented by car insurance broker app Jerry.
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Keep the interior of your convertible clean

One of the easiest ways to protect the interior of any car, including a convertible, is to keep it clean and organized.
By frequently cleaning out trash, clothing items, or any of the other myriad items that can end up in your convertible during the week, you can reduce the chance of damaging your interior.
You also reduce the chance of getting rips or tears in your upholstery or stains in your carpet by keeping your convertible clutter free.

How to maintain the convertible top

Convertibles are made special in that they have the ability to lower or remove the top of the car for a fully immersive driving experience. However, the exact thing that makes them special also takes special care to maintain.
An improperly maintained top can damage a convertible's interior and not provide the protection that it was originally intended to.
Depending on the type of top your convertible has—solid or fabric—maintenance will differ. The steps to maintain your convertible top are as follows.

Hard top

Step 1: Keep it clean. Hard tops are a little easier to maintain than a soft top, as they can be cleaned with the same products as the rest of your convertible.
Step 2: Maintain moving parts. The only real maintenance that needs to be done on a hard top is to ensure that any moving parts are well lubed and operate smoothly.
Step 3: Keep out the dust. Make sure to clean dirt and debris out of any spaces where the top joins the body to ensure a proper and complete connection of the two.

Soft top

Step 1: Protect the window. Soft tops often feature a clear plastic or vinyl rearview window. These windows can easily become hazy and difficult to see through if not properly maintained. Utilize special products for cleaning and protecting this window vinyl or plastic.
Step 2: Clean and protect the fabric. Soft convertible tops are made of various fabrics, from vinyl to cloth, and must be kept clean and protected to prevent cracking and damage such as rips and tears. Utilize speciality convertible soft top cleaning and protecting products to extend the life of this important part of your car.
Step 3: Lube and grease moving parts. Take time to check and ensure that all moving parts move easily and smoothly and lube or grease parts as needed.

Protect the surfaces

Because of the added sunlight a convertible’s interior can be exposed to, you should take care to protect your interior surfaces. Steps to do so include:
Step 1: Wipe it down. Remove any dust, dirt, or spills that may have accumulated on your convertible’s interior surfaces.
Step 2: Protect with product. Depending on the materials used in the interior of your convertible, look for the product to properly clean and protect plastic and vinyl, cloth, or leather. Spray and wipe down all surfaces with the appropriate product at least every time you wash your car, more frequently if you drive often with the top down.
Step 3: Consider a UV light protectant. Because of the increased exposure to UV rays from the sun, a UV light protectant can provide further protection to interior surfaces.

Park your convertible thoughtfully

Some tips to help park or store your convertible smartly and help protect its interior include:
Tip 1: Keep the top up when parked or not in use. An easy way to protect your interior, while it may take a few extra minutes of your time, is to put the top up when you are parking the vehicle for longer than a few minutes.
Tip 2: Park it dark and cool. If you are unable to put your convertibles top up while parking, try and find a shaded area to park your vehicle. Reducing the amount of sun that hits your interior can keep it looking fresh and new longer.
Tip 3: Watch out for trees. While looking for a shady place, avoid parking under trees, especially if you cannot put the top up, even for short periods of time. Sap, leaves, and even bird and animal droppings are never friends to the interior of a car.
Tip 4: Use a sun shade. Purchase a sunshade that covers your entire windshield for added interior protection. Harmful UV rays can be amplified by your car’s windshield, enhancing the amount of damage possible to a convertible’s interior.
Keeping your investment in tip-top condition is important. With insurance premiums typically increasing with the value of your vehicle, you want to make sure your convertible is well maintained.
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