How to Prevent Dust Buildup

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There’s no getting around it, fighting dust buildup is a battle that will last your entire lifetime. That being said, it’s a battle worth fighting; if there’s too much dust buildup in a home it can aggravate a dust allergy. Not to mention, no one wants their house to look like it belongs to the Crypt Keeper.
Dust is composed of dirt, skin cells, pet dander, and dust mites. Since your home is subjected to an endless supply to most or all of those things, it’s in your best interest to enact a good dusting routine. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Keep windows and doors closed

Most of the dust in your home comes from outside, so keeping doors and windows closed will help cut down on the amount of dust. Placing a doormat outside your front door is also a good idea because it gives people a chance to clean the dirt off their shoes before entering your home.

Store or donate clothes you aren’t wearing

Clothes shed fibers that contribute to the dust buildup in your home. Store the clothes you aren’t wearing in boxes or clothing bags. The fewer fabrics that are in contact with the air, the better.

Clean your blinds

Blinds are a great place for dust particles to hide, so remember to dust them regularly. Consider putting your hand in an old sock and wiping them clean or, if you like all your socks, a microfiber cloth will also do the trick.

Brush your pets

If you own pets, you’ll naturally have more dust and dander in your home. Not only do their hair and skin circulate in the air, if you own a dog, they are also tracking in dirt, mud, and sand from their daily walks.
If you own a cat or a dog, brushing them regularly (preferably outside) can drastically cut down on the dust and pet dander circulating in your home.

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum

Vacuums with HEPA filters are your best friend when it comes to fighting dust. They will trap the dust in their filters and prevent them from escaping back into your home.

Buy an air purifier

An air purifier is like having a 24-hour dusting assistant. Air filters clean the air in your home by collecting and trapping dust. Consider placing them in strategic areas where there is more dust buildup, such as near a window or door.

Ditch your carpet

If you’re serious about cutting down on dust buildup in your home, your carpets have to go. Not only are they the ultimate dust catchers, they are also hard to clean. If you have to keep carpets in your home, get them professionally cleaned a few times a year.

Clean your floors

Last but not least, don’t underestimate the power of a good mop. Always choose a mop over a broom. Brooms will just cause the dust to circulate in the air before settling back on the floor. Water is excellent for trapping dust. In fact, a mop will capture up to 90% of the household dust on your floor.

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