Empty room (Photo: @veronicoleman via Twenty20)

How to Prepare Your Home to Be Virtually Staged

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Empty room (Photo: @veronicoleman via Twenty20)
When you’re trying to sell your home, you want it to look its best. Part of showcasing your property is taking the time to stage it with furnishing and accents. Traditionally, this is done by bringing in furniture, art, and other interior decorating items. But with today’s technology, it can also be done with photos and a computer. However, you still need to prepare your home to be virtually staged. Here are a few tips to help you with the task of getting things ready.

1. Identify your buyers

Before taking any steps to prepare your home to be virtually staged, you need to know who your targeted buyer might be. For example, if you own a trendy downtown apartment, most likely your target buyer will be young to middle-aged professionals who need to be close to work and have the income to afford the area’s market price. You will want to decorate your home with modern furnishing and accents.
Another example would be if you own a three-bedroom suburban home with a fenced yard. Chances are your buyers will be either a young family or a retired couple looking to settle outside the city. In this case, you will want to decorate your home in a way that is welcoming and inviting.

2. Declutter and remove personal photos and mementos

To create a clean slate to work with, it’s important to remove any excess furniture from the spaces being staged. In some instances, this may mean removing all the furniture so that virtual items can be better placed. This depends on the software and the photos available for use. No matter the case, all personal photos and other mementos should be removed. You want your buyers to be able to picture the home as their own. A photo of you and your family at the beach on the mantle will remind them that someone else is living there.

3. Clean and repair

Make sure your home is thoroughly cleaned before photos are taken. This includes repairing any visible damage, even cosmetic ones such as nail holes and scuffs. This can also entail cleaning stains from rugs, walls, and floors, patching minor dings and holes, and putting a fresh coat of paint in some areas. Once the repairs are done, give your house a good cleaning. Dust, vacuum, mop, clean the windows, sweep out the fireplace, scrub the bathrooms, and basically take the time to make everything as clean as possible and sparkle where it can.

4. Create a neutral background

You want to supply a neutral background for your home to be virtually staged. Just like decluttering and removing personal photos, you want to create a space that your buyer can imagine themselves in. This may mean painting a room a neutral color. For example, if your favorite color is blue and so is the walls in your bedroom, but the buyer likes reds or yellows, this can be a distracting detail. Even though the color of bedroom walls can be easily changed, a buyer can be turned off by the idea of having to do it or will even have a hard time imagining themselves in the space.

5. Create curb appeal

The outside of a home can be just as important as the inside. Create a space that can be virtually staged with outdoor furniture or accents. You can plant greenery or flowers around your backyard patio so that it compliments virtual additions to the space. If you’re selling an apartment or condo, you can add potted plants to create the same effect. In either case, these small touches add a lot to the photos and will help cultivate an inviting stage.
Getting your house ready for staging is a big step in the selling process. While technology can take care of a lot of the tips mentioned, it is important to give your buyers a true representation of your property. Knowing how to prepare your home to be virtually staged can provide an accurate and honest backdrop.