How to Prepare Your Car for a Hurricane

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If you live in a region that is commonly affected by severe weather like hurricanes, it’s important to know how to prepare your car ahead of time so it can be ready when you need it. Hurricanes can quickly take an unpredictable path, leaving you with little time to get out of danger. Even if you do not drive your car to get out of harm’s way, you will want to keep it safe when the bad weather hits.

Prepare Your Car’s Windows for Hurricane Weather

Materials Needed
  • Masking or duct tape
  • Scissors
Step 1: Cut strips of tape to fit your car windows. You should cut two strips of tape per window with scissors.
The strips of tape should be cut to accurately form an “X” in each window. You may want to put two X shapes in the front and rear windshields.
Step 2: Apply tape to window. Simply apply the tape, one strip at a time, onto each window.
Put one piece on diagonally and then put the second piece over it in the opposite direction. When you are done applying the tape, the strips should form an X shape.
While the tape cannot prevent your windows from breaking, it is an important safety measure. The tape will help keep the broken glass intact so it has less chance of spreading all over the interior of your car.

Know Where to Park Your Car in Severe Weather

Finding the ideal spot to park your car during a hurricane can save you from a lot of heartache later.
When an area experiences a hurricane or other severe weather, the damage can be devastating. Trees can get knocked down, debris will fly, and even lightning may strike. Because of this, it is important to find a good spot to park your car. If you own a garage or have one you can use, this is an ideal spot to protect your car from the weather. Even a covered outdoor parking space is better than leaving your car totally exposed.
However, if you do not have either, make sure to park away from trees or other structures that may have a chance of falling on your vehicle. While you cannot protect your car from flying debris if it’s left outside, you can reduce the chances of damage if you park away from potential hazards.

Assemble an Emergency Car Kit

Materials Needed
Step 1: Purchase items for emergency car kit. All of the items needed for an emergency car kit can be found in a retail department store like Walmart or Target.
You can also purchase them online and have them shipped to your home. Make sure the duffle bag is big enough to hold most of the items.
Step 2: Assemble the emergency car kit. Prepare the duffle bag to store items for the kit.
Place the duffle bag on top of a table. Open the bag and wipe the inside clean with a damp cloth. Once dry, place the emergency car kit items in the bag.
You may want to keep the LED roadside flares, the flashlight, and the first-aid kit outside of the bag for fast access. Zip up the bag and place it and the other supplies in the trunk of your car.

Fill up Your Fuel Tank

If you live or travel in an area that commonly experiences hurricanes, you should always try to keep your tank as near full as possible.
If you know severe weather is on its way, make sure to fill your tank. Gas stations have been known to run out of fuel or be unreachable during hurricanes. If your tank is near empty and you need to evacuate, you may be left with no means of escape.
Getting your car ready for a hurricane is a vital way to prepare for and protect it from severe weather. Often an afterthought, getting it ready ahead of time will reduce the risk of damages and increase your chances of having a reliable car to get out of harm’s way. Simple steps like preparing your car’s windows, locating an ideal spot to park, assembling an emergency car kit, and keeping your fuel tank full will go a long way in getting you ready for the storm ahead.

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