A gallery wall is an excellent way to showcase art on a larger wall in your home. Photo by Joyce McCown on Unsplash

How to Plan and Hang a Gallery Wall

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A gallery wall is an excellent way to showcase art on a larger wall in your home. Photo by Joyce McCown on Unsplash
Wall art lets you to display a pretty picture on the walls of your home. Going a step further, a gallery wall, or wall gallery, encompasses multiple pieces of art placed in an eye-pleasing pattern. The creative outlet of a wall gallery lets you further develop a theme for a space, including by using specific pictures geared toward that theme and by using specific colors to establish a particular mood. One of the hardest parts of developing a wall gallery includes determining the layout of the artwork you’ve chosen.
The helpful hints below give a detailed description of how to plan, design, and eventually hang up your wall gallery for display in your home. In this piece, we’ll cover how to plan your wall gallery, discuss of the importance of completing a mock-up of your wall gallery, and provides steps on how to hang your pictures according to the wall gallery theme you develop.

Part 1: Plan your Wall Gallery

Planning a wall gallery represents an important initial step in the creative process. The following section touches on the planning phase of developing a wall gallery in more detail.
Step 1: Develop a theme. Start by developing a theme, including your color scheme.
You can get inspiration by studying other wall galleries and taking notes on ones you like. Check out online sites for wall art ideas, including Better Homes & Gardens, Decoist, and Gotekki.
You could also pin any art you are considering for your wall gallery on a Pinterest board to keep track of ideas.
When deciding on a theme, think about where you want your art wall to be. If it’s in the living room, maybe you want to frame a bunch of family photos. If it is in the kitchen, maybe you want to use decorative plates or photos of food. And remember, the art doesn’t have to be drawings or photos — gallery walls can include all sorts of things including mirrors or clocks!
When designing your layout, try to pick art in a variety of sizes and art styles to add variety.
Step 2: Pick frames for your wall gallery. While gathering your art, shop around for frames to place it in once you start to put together your wall gallery.
When choosing a frame, look for the style you want. If you can’t find one in a particular color, you can use spray paint and change it to the color you want. Decide whether you want all the frames to be the same, or if you want to use different frame style for your gallery wall.

Part 2: Mock-up your Wall Gallery

Once you have your artwork and the frames to place it in, you need to do a mock-up of the wall gallery. The section below lists the steps for designing a mock-up of your wall gallery.
Step 1: Trace the frames. Trace each frame you want to use in your wall gallery.
One of the easiest ways to do this is to trace each frame on a big piece of butcher or other paper type.
Make sure to use a pencil in case you make a mistake.
Step 2: Cut out the paper. Next, cut out the frame templates using a pair of scissors.
Step 3: Hang paper on the wall. Hang each cut-out template on the wall using masking tape.
You need to put a piece of tape on each side to keep the paper from rolling up.
Step 4: Arrange as desired. Move the templates around until you get the desired pattern.
The masking tape allows you to easily remove and place each template in a different location. If needed, use additional tape.
When arranging what you want your wall to look like, think about where the eye is drawn. You may want to put a larger, central piece at eye level because it’s what visitors might see first, and smaller pieces around it.

Part 3: Hang your Wall Gallery

Finally, once you have everything in place, it is time to hang your wall gallery. The sections below detail the art-hanging process.
Step 1: Hammer in the nails. Start this part of the process by hammering nails into the wall at the top center portion of each template.
Take into account how you expect the picture to hang on the wall. You may need to test how each frame will hang before placing the nails.
Alternately, you can use command hooks to avoid doing any lasting damage to the walls.
Step 2: Hang your pictures. Finally, hang your picture frames in the designated spot on the wall gallery.
Step back and see how the wall gallery looks and if you need to make adjustments.
A wall gallery can give your home a fresh look while letting you display favorite pieces of art. By planning ahead and developing a layout before you hammer in the first nail, you can set yourself up for success. Remember to keep in mind any particular motifs or color schemes you want to use with your gallery wall.