How to Order a Car From the Manufacturer

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If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, you might find that the dealer doesn’t have the exact version that you want. With so many options for complete customization, there are limitless possibilities for each car model. Ordering a factory vehicle is one way to get the details right for a special order, from custom leather seats to a high tech dashboard.
One misconception is that ordering from a factory cuts out the dealership experience. But that’s not true. Contrary to popular belief, buyers can’t order directly from the factory; the purchase still has to go through a dealership. In this article we give you the exact steps to ordering a factory vehicle. In this article, we’ll tell you how to choose the car make and model you’d like, how to you to investigate the factory features, what to do when you’re when you’re ready to visit a dealership, and how you can place your order.

How to Buy a New Car From the Factory

Step 1: Decide on a vehicle make and model. Figure out which vehicle suits your needs.
Consider the size, number of doors, number of passengers, and key features you want included.
Customization options differ between manufacturers, so you won’t know what possibilities you have until you decide on a specific make and model.
Step 2: Investigate the factory features. Once you decide on a make and model, it is worthwhile to investigate the factory features for that specific vehicle.
A factory order can take much longer to receive, so you want to make sure that the extra processing time is worth it for the features that you want to customize.
After looking through the list of possible features (this can be found on the manufacturer’s website), you can create an outline of what you would like included in your vehicle.
Step 3: Visit a dealership. Head to your local dealership to inquire about ordering a factory vehicle.
Share your list of desired features, and test drive the model you like to make sure it is the right fit. Your local dealer will be able to help you with the ordering process, and you might be able to negotiate on the price.
Be sure to also factor in the cost of delivery when budgeting for your purchase.
In addition, some factory features are grouped together in “packages” and can’t be selected separately. This may end up costing you more than you expected to pay because not every feature can be chosen individually.
Shop around for a dealer that will work with you to customize your vehicle. Dealerships offer promotions and discounts based on location, so trying different dealers might save you money and get you the best deal.
Step 4: Place your order. After negotiations, you will be able to place your specific order for a custom factory vehicle. Now all you need to do is wait for your vehicle to arrive.
Ordering a factory vehicle is a great way to get the complete customization that fits your needs and wants. With such a high purchase price for new vehicles, it makes sense to seek specific features for your car. Dealer discounts and rebates still apply to factory vehicles, so don’t visit just one location. Lastly, do plenty of research to ensure that your purchase fits all of your requirements before you sign off.

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