How to Move a Swing Set

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Hopefully, you were mindful of placement when you built or installed your swing set. Meaning, you gave your children optimal space to play without being in kicking or soaring distance of your neighbor’s fence. But, just because it was the right place for your playset when you installed it, doesn’t mean you will never need to move it.
In fact, you may decide to take your swing set along with you when you move!
Before you decide to move with your swing set, however, you should take the cost and effort into account. Packing and shipping a playset is a significant task, especially if you aren’t using professional movers. If you’ve crunched the numbers and decided you’re not leaving your children’s beloved rainbow swing set behind, here’s what you need to know about disassembling, packing, and moving a swing set.

Disassembly and Packing

The first thing you have to do when moving a swing set is disassemble it. Here are some general steps to follow (but each swing set will have a unique disassembly process):
Take photos: Start by taking some photos of the swing set before you disassemble it. This makes it easier to put the swing set back together in its new location.
Mark the connecting joints: Using a pen or marker, mark the connecting joints.
Loosen the bolts and nuts: Next, loosen the nuts and bolts on the play set. You may need to use WD-40 or another solvent to help loosen rusted or stuck nuts and bolts.
Remove sections one at a time: Finally, start removing each section one at a time. It’s best to remove periphery items, such as slides, swings, and gliders before tackling the legs and crossbeam.
Pack mindfully: Pack each swing in its own box so the chains or ropes don’t get tangled. Place all of the nuts and bolts in a marked bag to keep track of these important parts.

Loading and Moving

Once everything is disassembled and packaged, it’s time to load the swing set onto a truck for moving. Here are some tips to make the packing process easier:
Measure the swing set pieces: Before placing the swing set on a trailer or truck, measure the large parts to make sure they’ll fit.
Use a piece of plywood: When moving larger pieces of a swing set, such as a swing set with a wood fort, you can use a piece of plywood for easy transport. Simply put the plywood on the ground, and place the section of the play set on top of it. Then have a person grab each corner for easy moving.
Secure everything: Before driving to your new location, make sure to secure the swing set components (especially if they’re in an open truck bed). You can do this with straps, rope, or bungee cords.

Reassembling the Swing Set

When you arrive at your new home, swing set in-tow, it’s time to put everything back together again in your new backyard. To complete installation, follow these steps:
Find a level spot: It’s important to find a spot that is on solid, level ground with at least an eight-foot safe area around the swing set that is free of obstructions (like fences, patios, trees, etc).
Start with the main structure: Start by reassembling the main structure of the swing set, including the crossbeam and the legs. If the swing set has a fort tower, assemble this as well.
Add sections: Once the main structure of the swing set is securely together, it’s time to add any peripheral items, including any slides, monkey bars, gliders, and swings.
Anchor the swing set: Once it’s back together, it’s time to anchor your swing set firmly to the ground. You can either set the legs into concrete or use anchors to secure the swing set in place.