How to Move a Mattress and Box Spring

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When you’re moving a mattress, make sure you’re not doing it by yourself. You will need to take steps to make sure you can transport it safely and without damaging the mattress.
Sleepless nights have you thinking about a new mattress. Then you start to think about moving your existing mattress and box spring and you wonder if it’s worth the hassle. Who can blame you? They’re large and awkward pieces of furniture.
It doesn’t have to be difficult to move a mattress and box spring, however. Whether you’re moving your mattress to a new room or a new home with a moving truck, follow these simple steps to make the process a breeze.

Don’t try moving a mattress by yourself

The first thing you should do is ask a friend for help. Mattresses and box springs are awkward in shape and weight distribution, so you shouldn’t try to move the mattress by yourself.
Trying to do it yourself can lead to damage of the items, your walls, other furnishing, and even yourself. With a friend helping, it will take a lot less time.

Clear the way

Before you even start packing your mattress, clear the way. Move all furniture in the path to your vehicle to the side so you have a clear shot to your car. Open all the doors on the route, lock up your pets, and make sure any items you can accidentally step on are put away.
Your line of sight may become obstructed due to the size of the mattress, so you don’t want to fret over tripping hazards.

How to pack a mattress

If you’re moving your mattress long distances, you should consider packing the mattress in a mattress bag.
Using a mattress bag may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it’s well worth the cost. Not only does it protect your mattress and box spring during the move, it adds an extra layer of protection if you need to store them for a while after the move.
Mattress bags are fairly inexpensive and can be found at home improvement stores for around $10.

Use a dolly

If you can get your hands on a dolly or hand truck, you can make maneuvering a mattress and box spring a lot simpler. With the help of your friend, lift the mattress off the bed frame and turn so it’s standing with its shortest side up. Lower it onto the dolly so it’s centered.
Evaluate your path, as you may have to hand-carry it to a certain point if it’s too wide or tall to get through the house on a dolly. The dolly can still be useful for moving it once outside the home and onto the moving truck or other vehicle used to transport it.
Repeat the same steps for the box spring.

Secure the mattress and box spring in or on vehicle

Ideally, you’re moving your mattress and box spring in a truck with a flatbed or enclosed area like a moving van. Once you have the items loaded, you should secure them with tie straps so they don’t shift in transit. Also, do not place heavy things on top of them or you may cause indentations you cannot remove later.
Unless, of course, you are taking them to the dump. Then it doesn’t really matter if you pack things on top.

How to move a mattress with a car

If you have to transport the set on the top of your car roof, make sure the mattress bag is securely in place. This will help keep debris from ruining your items. Tie down the mattress and box spring with a rope that’s tightly wrapped around them, looping it through the car and through the windows.
In some vehicles this may be your only option, but it’s not the best or safest way to transport a mattress and box spring. If you’re traveling a long distance, rent a U-Haul or hire a moving company. use caution, drive slowly, and avoid major roadways.

Unload the mattress

Once you’ve reached your final destination, it’s just a matter of unloading and then you’re done. You can use the same techniques with the dolly or hand truck to transport your mattress and boxspring into your new place or wherever the drop-off point might be. Be careful when unloading and continue to enlist your friend for help to prevent injury.
Moving a mattress and box spring is as easy as these few steps. Something to consider, however, is that if you’re purchasing a new mattress, you can often negotiate with the delivery company to remove your old set at the same time they bring the new one.
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