How to Move a Grandfather Clock without Damaging It

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To safely move a grandfather clock, you’re going to need to take several steps and have at least one other person help you. You will also need to take measures to ensure you don’t damage the clock itself.
Moving a grandfather clock can be a challenge for many reasons. They’re heavy, delicate, and often carry sentimental value. Because they’re generally quite fragile, too, it’s a good idea to hire a professional moving company to move them.
But if getting a moving company to help with your grandfather clock isn’t feasible, here’s what you need in order to do it yourself.
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How to move a grandfather clock

How to pack a grandfather clock to move

Materials needed:
  • Cotton gloves
  • Moving blanket/furniture blanket
  • Packing tape or twist ties
  • Padding/Bubble wrap/Soft packing paper
  • Dolly
  • Moving boxes
  • An extra set of hands to help you
Remove the glass panels: These panels, positioned at the front and sometimes on the side of the clocks, are very fragile, which is why the safest thing to do is to gently remove them and wrap them in padding or bubble wrap before putting them away in a moving box. Make sure to label the box “fragile.”
Note: If you’re not able to remove the glass panels, once you’re done with step four below, fill the inside of the clock with a moving blanket or other soft cloth. This will help stabilize the glass from the inside, preventing it from shaking during transport and potentially breaking.
Protect the chains: Reach inside your clock and wind or crank the weights almost to the top (but not all the way up as this can damage them). Holding the ends of the chains together with your hands, tie them up with tape or twist ties to make sure that they won’t get tangled.
Remove the clock weights: Grandfather clocks have weights inside that act like a pulley and help the clock function. You’re going to need to take these out via the access panels as well. Follow the same packing procedure as with the glass panels when putting them away. This step is especially important for learning how to pack and move a grandfather clock.
Note: These weights don’t necessarily weigh the same. So, make a note of each one’s exact position so that you’ll be able to put them back exactly as they were before.
Remove the pendulum: The pendulum also needs to be removed. You’re going to reach inside the clock and unhook the pendulum from its guide. Wrap it in padding and store it into a box.
Protect the outside of the clock: Now, it’s time to wrap the clock’s outside with a moving blanket. This step will protect it from dents and scratches. Secure the blanket in place with tape or a utility cord.

How to safely move a grandfather clock

Load it onto the dolly: Similar to moving other heavy appliances, have someone help you by tilting the clock back (these are heavy, so be careful) while you slide the dolly underneath it. Make sure to secure the clock to the dolly with some type of rope. Once it’s adequately secured, tilt the dolly back and balance it on its legs. Have the other person grab onto the clock on the other side to make sure it won’t fall.
Load it into the truck: Pull the clock up the ramp and into the truck. Once again, make sure to secure it so that it won’t fall during transport. Don’t forget to load the boxes containing the inside parts into the truck as well.
Now, the only thing left for you to do is unload into its new home and reassemble it.
Although this may seem like a tedious and lengthy process, you’ll be glad to have followed the right steps once you see your grandfather clock safely ticking the time away once again.
Last but not least, never attempt to move a grandfather clock without removing the inside parts first; this will inevitably damage your grandfather clock.
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