How to Make Mason Jar Pendant Lights

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Mason jar lights (@raisazwart via Twenty20)
Lighting can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Enter the mason jar light fixture — it’s as easy to make as it is affordable. It’s also one of those DIY projects that doesn’t look like a DIY project. If your life or decor could use a little enchantment, here’s what you need to make your very own mason jar light fixture:
  • 12-ounce mason jar
  • Dish soap
  • Hammer and nail or drill and drill bit
  • Light bulb
  • Marker
  • Hanging light kit
  • Superglue
Wash and dry your mason jar. Using warm water and dish soap, wash your mason jar. Allow it to air dry.
Measure and mark where the opening for the light socket will go: Determine the center of the lid and trace the circular outline of the light socket with the marker.
Create an opening for the light socket. Using a hammer or drill, bore small holes on the circular outline of the light socket. Once you have a ring of holes, punch out the center using a hammer or cut it out with scissors. If creating the hole causes rough or sharp edges, sand the opening until smooth. Sharp edges don’t only pose a risk for your fingers, they could also potentially damage the light cord and cause an electrical hazard.
Attach the light bulb socket to the lid. Push the light socket through the hole. If you want to take an extra step for security and protection from sharp edges, consider putting some glue around the outside of the socket.
Put the light bulb in. Screw a light bulb into the socket of the mason jar light fixture. If you’re going for ambient lighting, consider using an Edison bulb with a dimmer switch.
Screw on the lid. Screw the lid (and the attached bulb) onto your mason jar.
Hang the fixture: Arranging the lamp wires of your DIY mason jar light fixture is an art form. There’s no wrong way to do this (unless they’re dangling in a place where people are liable to get tangled). Mason jar pendants are great for bedsides, kitchen islands, or home bars.
Tada! Now you have a beautiful unique light fixture that you made yourself.
This is the simplest rendition of a mason jar pendant light. If you want to take your lighting creation to the next level, consider trying your hand at a DIY mason jar chandelier. However, before you engage in any electrical work, remember to consult an electrician.