How to Make an iPod Work in a Toyota Prius

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interior of Prius (Photo: @gabriellalucia via Twenty20)
The Toyota Prius has a long-standing reputation as a reliable and efficient hybrid car. You can make your Prius even more reliable by correctly connecting your iPod so you can quickly and safely access music while driving.

FM transmitter

A FM transmitter allows you to access the music and files on your iPod through your radio. You simply tune into a predetermined channel and you will be able to hear your music.
However, this method does not enhance your sound quality and may actually hinder the output. Also, you will be unable to have hand-free access to your iPod, unless you add a remote. Even so, the control it gives you will be limited.

Cassette adapter

The easiest method to hook up your iPod to a Prius is through a cassette adapter. With that said, you can tell by the reference to a cassette that your car will have to be an older model.
If it is, this is the fastest way to connect your device. Sound quality will be hindered, but this method requires no installation. Simply insert the adapter into the cassette player and the job is done. It is the most limited method as you cannot use an external remote.

Auxiliary input device

There are several auxiliary input devices on the market that allow you to hook up your iPod to your car. This method requires access to the back of your radio in order to connect a cable from it to an adapter.
By hooking up your device this way, you can get quality output and clear sound. It also allows you the ability to access your video files so you can play them on the car’s screen.
You can add a remote to control your iPod or you can simply access your file through the unit itself.

CD interface

A CD interface allows you to control your iPod through your touch screen, CD controls and steering wheel controls. However, in some models this means you will lose the ability to control of your actual CD player.
It is the most expensive of the methods discussed thus far, but it does offer you more control over your iPod without a separate remote. It also provides good sound quality and output.

iPod interface

The latest method for hooking up your device to the Prius is the iPod interface. The interface allows you to access your files, play music and charge your device through your receiver without interfering with your radio and CD player.
This type of interface gives you clean output and clear, quality sound without the fear of static and unreliability. You can see your file names, as well as video files, on the car’s screen. You can control your iPod through the touchscreen or steering wheel controls.
Hooking up an iPod to a Prius is only a matter of finding the right method based on the year of your car. There are several methods available, including a FM transmitter, cassette adapter, auxiliary input device, CD interface or iPod interface. Depending on the age of your Prius, you may have more than one option. Ready to learn more about your Prius? Find out how to turn your Prius into a temporary generator, how to perform an emergency stop, and how to sync your cell numbers to your car.