How to Make a Car Air Freshener

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    The classic colored pine tree hanging from a rearview mirror is a car staple that many drivers turn to for a fresher-smelling vehicle. But if you’re tired of cycling through packs of pine trees, or if you’re more sensitive to artificial fragrances, then you might be looking for a better option.
    Homemade car air fresheners are relatively easy to make and they only require a few materials. Essential oils are a popular choice for adding a light scent without harsh chemicals, and it is easy to craft your own car air freshener with the scent of your choice. This article tells you how to do it.

    How to Make a Car Air Freshener Out of Felt and Essential Oils

    Step 1: Gather the materials. To make this felt air freshener, you simply need a piece of felt, scissors, a hole punch, yarn or string, and the essential oil of your choice.
    Step 2: Cut the felt. Cut the felt into a shape that you like. You can opt for the classic pine tree look, a seasonal design, or a simple circle or square.
    Step 3: Punch a hole into the felt. Using your hole punch, create a hole near the top of the shape where you will hang your air freshener.
    Step 4: Push the yarn or string through the hole. Cut the desired amount of yarn or string to hang your air freshener. Push the yarn or string through the hole.
    Step 5: Apply the essential oil. Apply 10 drops of your favorite essential oil to the felt. Allow the oil to be absorbed for a minute.
    Step 6: Hang the air freshener. Hang the air freshener in your car for a nice, chemical-free scent.

    How to Make an Air Freshener for Your Car Vents

    Step 1: Gather the materials. For this air freshener, you only need your favorite essential oil and at least one clothespin. Small wooden clothespins are best for clipping into your vents.
    Step 2: Place five to 10 drops of your favorite essential oil onto the clothespin. Feel free to use multiple clothespins for larger vehicles.
    Step 3: Clip the clothespin to your vehicle’s air vent. You should be able to smell the natural fragrance on any output from your car vent.
    Essential oils are great natural air fresheners for your vehicle. They are inexpensive to use and can be replaced as needed. Deodorize your car without harsh artificial fragrances and enjoy these simple DIY car air fresheners.

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