How to Maintain Car Organization

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We spend a lot of time in our cars, so it’s not surprising that stuff starts to accumulate pretty quickly. Coffee cups and other remnants of a morning commute, gym bags, and extra receipts all find their way underneath seats and wedged into cupholders. This article outlines some steps to maintain car organization and keep your ride nice and tidy.

Start with a Clean Slate

If your aim is to keep your car organized, then you need to start with a clean slate. Before you attempt to adapt to a more organized system, be sure to clean your car interior completely.
Step 1: Remove all of the extras. Take out any items that you don’t use on a daily basis.
Sporting equipment, work materials, and miscellaneous items that have been collected over time need to be removed from the car and put back in their proper places.
Step 2: Get rid of trash. Be sure to check underneath the seats, in the door compartments, and in the trunk.
Step 3: Vacuum seats and floorboards. Do this step at home if you have a multipurpose vacuum cleaner, or take your car to a car wash to get the interior in top shape.
Step 4: Dust off your dash and console. Dust can collect quickly in cluttered cars. Use a microfiber cloth and a cleaning product made for car interiors, like Armor All.

Get Your Car Organized

Once your car is clean, you can start adding items to make organization easier.
Step 1: Create a space for important items. Whether you travel with work documents or expensive recreational gear, setting aside a particular space in the car for important items can help you stay organized.
Make sure these things are safe from coffee spills or muddy dogs, and designate the space for items you rely on most.
Step 2: Consider a collapsible shelf. If you often utilize your trunk space for transporting items, a collapsible shelf can be an efficient option.
Place one in the trunk of your vehicle so you have the ability to separate storage areas and keep things organized.

Keep Your Car Clean

Once the car is clean and organized, your only challenge is keeping it that way. We recommend throwing away trash daily and always taking items inside your home with you at the end of the day.
Do weekly checks to see if things have started accumulating, and make it a priority to go through your car’s contents.
Keeping your car organized and tidy is an important aspect of car ownership and safety. Once you get the organization down, it’s a good idea to consider adding some important safety items to your car’s inventory. Carry a roadside first-aid kit and jumper cables for emergencies. A flashlight and a tire gauge are also good tools to keep on hand.

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