How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Your House

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If a smoker visits, they may leave a bad small behind. Photo by @jk3030 via Twenty20
There are few worse odors for a home than smoke. Maybe you had a kitchen fire or perhaps you had a smoker stay with you for a while. You may have even bought the home not realizing quite how bad the smoke odor was until you moved in.
Whatever the case might be, lingering odors are distracting and unpleasant — and this kind probably won’t go away on its own. If you want to get rid of the smell of smoke, here are some steps you can take.
In this article, we’ll addresses some easy techniques for removing the smell of smoke and cover how to clean a home with more serious smoke problems.

Common techniques for removing smoke smell

Step 1: Get rid of the source of the smoke. The first thing to do is identify the source of the odor and get rid of whatever has caused or is causing the smoke smell in your home.
Go room to room to see where the small of smoke is strongest. Take out any smoky garbage or ashtrays, get rid of walls or sheetrock that may have been damaged by fire, and remove whatever else may be causing the odor. If you don’t do this, you’ll end up with the odor even after you take more drastic steps.
Step 2: Improve the airflow in the home. Getting a flow of fresh air into the home will go a long way towards clearing the smell out.
Even if the smell does not totally go away, the fresh air will make it seem like your problem is a lot less severe than it really is. If you are lucky and the smell of smoke has not been part of the home for a long time, then the simple procedure of getting fresh air into the home on a regular basis and preventing any more smoke from entering the home will solve your odor problem. You may want to invest in an air purifier or a at least put an electric fan facing outwards from an open window or door to send the smell out of the room.**

How to remove older and more insidious odors

Materials Needed
Step 1: Deodorize your home. Use cleaning products, such as baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and other specialized cleaners to remove the smell.
Sprinkle baking soda on the carpets and furniture and leave it to settle for one or two days in order to absorb as much of the smoke smell as possible. Vacuum it up and repeat as necessary.
You’ll need to focus on the parts of the home that are particularly susceptible to smells, such as carpet, bed linens, rugs, and furniture such as couches, sofas, and chairs that have fabric built into them.
For the room in general, fill a handful of bowels with white vinegar and let them sit out overnight, or hang small satchels of activated charcoal in the part of the house with the smokey smell. These substances absorb scents.
Step 2: Wash whatever you can. Take anything that can be machine washed and put it in the laundry.
This will help to deodorize smoky items — do this several times if necessary to get rid of the smell.
Step 3: Clean your carpets. If you have carpets, then you can bet they’re a major culprit for the smell, especially if the smoking took place nearby. There may still be smoke particles in the fabric that will be difficult to remove.
The most ideal solution is probably just to replace the carpet. This is not an available option for everyone, but it will work the best. If you can’t replace the carpet, then it would be worth it to do some cleaning on it that will be a part of your routine for a while.
Spread baking soda on the carpet, allow it to sit, and then vacuum it up.
Step 4: Clean your furniture with baking soda. You can follow the same process for any furniture that smells like smoke.
Just make sure that you get all the baking soda cleaned up each time so you aren’t left with a mess. Again, this might take a few times before you notice a difference, but continue to do this even after you think the smell is gone. The more diligent you are the more likely you are to get rid of the smell altogether. If you are not having any success, then you may need new furniture, but only do this once you have removed the smell out of the remainder of your home.
These are a few approaches for getting the odor of tobacco, cigarette smoke, and fire smoke out of your home, and if you work hard and are thorough, you should have some success. When used together, these various methods will go a long way to getting your house smelling fresh again.