How to Get Short-Term or Temporary Car Insurance

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If you find yourself in a situation where you’re paying full price for insurance on a car you rarely drive, or you don’t plan to drive that long, there are options for you to save. While there are many examples where short-term car insurance can come in handy, it can be used for weekend warriors and temporary cars alike.

Car Insurance if You Have a Classic Car

Generally speaking, if your car is 25 years or older, it is legally classified as a classic and can qualify for limited-use, short-term coverage. This type of policy will likely have mileage restrictions ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 miles a year, but it will keep your car covered when it’s stored in your garage.

Car Insurance if You Need to Rent, Share, or Borrow a Vehicle

If you travel a lot and aren’t a big fan of ride sharing or conventional taxis, then there might be a car insurance option for you. Non-owner car insurance provides liability coverage for you when you’re behind the wheel of a car that you don’t own, such as a rental, a car-sharing vehicle, or a friend’s ride.
If you rent cars often, this might be a cheaper alternative to buying the rental company’s insurance. For car-sharing services, or if you borrow other people’s cars often, this provides you with coverage in the event of a collision.

Car Insurance if You Have a Weekend Warrior Vehicle

Let’s say you have a car you enjoy driving during the weekends — while you have another one to drive during the week — but it’s not old enough to qualify for classic registration. Usage-based car insurance can be a good option, as it rates your premiums based on how much you actually use the car.
Some providers do require installation of special devices that plug into your car’s onboard diagnostic computer, which may not be desirable for some drivers. However, there are providers that simply track your car’s odometer. Call your provider to find out what usage-based policies they offer.

Car Insurance if You’ll Have a Vehicle for Less Than Six Months

Let’s say you’re moving temporarily for work and need a car for a few months. Because most car insurance providers divide payment periods by six months, you can simply open a policy for that period of time and cancel before your next payment. You will need to contact your provider, though — do not simply fail to pay the bill.

Temporary Car Insurance if You Have a Vacation/Winter Home Car

Let’s say you’re a “snowbird” — you spend your winters down south but the rest of the year up north. If you have a car that stays at your winter home, you might be thinking you can get temporary car insurance. The truth is, this doesn’t really exist, but there are options.
Where the car spends most of its time is where it should be both registered and insured. During the months that this car isn’t being used, you can either turn in your plates and insurance or work with the insurance provider to get as many low-mileage/usage discounts as possible.
If you don’t need car insurance all the time, you do have options. When talking to your car insurance provider about short-term coverage, it’s really important to be as transparent as possible regarding your situation. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of being excluded from coverage altogether.

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