How to Get Rid of Old Home Appliances

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If you have old appliances still hanging around your home or garage, you probably aren’t alone. Many people have lofty ambitions of fixing them up and selling them, or scrapping their parts for other projects. They may even have a deep attachment to an old machine that is associated with too many memories.
There comes a point, however, when you do have to get rid of old appliances, and it is not always easy to figure out how to do this. Here are four methods for disposing of old appliances.

How to Get Rid of Old Appliances

Have an appliance dealer remove the old appliance when you upgrade. In most American homes, when one appliance gives out another one is purchased.
Sometimes appliances get “old” because they go out of style. A modern, chic stainless-steel fridge may have more appeal than your whitewashed clunker from the ‘80s. In other cases, an appliance simply breaks down.
Whatever the reason for the change, purchasing a new appliance is the perfect time to have the old one removed. Companies generally offer old-appliance removal when they deliver a new appliance. This service is often free, but there may be a small fee depending on the appliance and the company.
This will save your back if the appliance is large and heavy, and you’ll definitely save lots of time. What’s more, your old machine can often be recycled and some of the old components or materials can be used for other purposes. In one fell swoop, you’ll have a new appliance installed, get your old one removed, and do a good deed.
Have a garage or yard sale. If you live in a relatively populated neighborhood, then holding a yard or garage sale could be the way to go.
You may have more or less success depending on the amount of marketing you do and sorts of people who live nearby, but you should hopefully be able to sell the appliance. Someone might buy it for the spare parts, and you might be able to sell it even if it is not working.
Donate the appliance. If you aren’t much of a salesperson and just want the item off your back, you could simply donate the old appliance to a local organization.
If the problem is transporting the appliance, you can sometimes find groups that will haul the item away for free. Don’t simply assume that this is an open possibility for you: Reach out to the local organization or visit their website to determine what options are available.
Check out non-traditional ways to remove an appliance. Sometimes you can find unusual promotions by thinking outside the box.
A utility company might remove an old appliance if it is not very energy efficient, for example. Or there could be a local organization that refurbishes old appliances and might remove it for you. Hopefully, a little research will reveal the possibilities to you.
Getting rid of an old appliance can be a hassle, especially if you are short on time or don’t have the equipment to remove it yourself. There are several options out there that might work for you and get that old appliance out of your home or storage.