8 Things to Do Before You Move Into a New House

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Packing boxes, cleaning up, and loading/unloading a truck may be the bulk of the work when you’re moving homes.
You’ve already chosen a new home, but what else needs to be done before you get the keys and settle in?
In all the excitement of making a move, there are some steps that can be missed and hidden costs. This checklist for moving into a new house will help you make a successful, smooth transition and better understand the things to do before moving into a new house.

1. Get a home inspection

You’ve made the deal conditionally, but there might be items of concern that need to be addressed before you move in. A home inspection comes at a cost (around $400 or so), but identifying problem areas and fixing them before you live in the home will ensure you start out right.
Assuming you’ve made it a condition of the sale, arrange a home inspection as soon as possible once you’re able. If it’s not a condition you’ve included in your offer, you’ll have to wait until you take possession.
The goal is to identify issues that you want to correct before moving in, like infestations, foundation work, or basic plumbing and electrical deficiencies.

2. Hire a mover

April through September is a busy season for moving companies when 80% of the 40 million moves in America happen every year. Naturally, the popular and top-rated movers are going to book up quickly.
As soon as you have a possession date arranged, schedule a move-in day, then hire a moving company.
Get quotes from three to five moving companies that you’ve vetted and hire one. You don’t want to miss your window by booking late or, worse yet, use a mover that ends up breaking or losing your stuff.

4. Change your mailing address

You certainly don’t want interruptions in your mail delivery, as important documents are going to be coming in around moving day. Changing your mailing address is one of those things that is easy to forget, though.
As bills and statements roll in during the month before the move, change your address so your next month’s statement will go to your new house.
Something is bound to be missed, but that’s okay. Set up a change of address with USPS so all your mail will go to your new place once you move.

5. Arrange schools

If you have school-age kids, remember to register them with their new school. How that’s done depends on what city and neighborhood you’re moving into, but it should be arranged as early as you can to make for a smooth transition.
Contact the school district in your new neighborhood and find out what you need to do for the change.

6. Paint to you tastes

You might’ve bought an older home that needs some updates or a new home with colors that just don’t fit your flow. Honestly, will you get to it anytime soon if you don’t paint prior to moving in? It’s unlikely.
Make it a point to hire a professional painter or grab some rollers and brushes and get it done yourself before your furniture and possessions are in the way.

7. Learn your new neighborhood essentials

Do you know where your nearest Whole Foods, Walmart, or CVS is? What about a dry cleaner, fuel station, or coffee shop? You might need some of those places sooner than you think for supplies, groceries, and essential items during or right after your move.
Take a couple of hours to familiarize yourself with your new neighborhood in person if it’s within easy driving distance. Otherwise, get into some searching on Google Maps to explore routes and locations ahead of your move.

8. Put together a first day package

Murphy’s Law states that “anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Be prepared for the unexpected–something is bound to happen outside of your precision planning.
You can roll with the punches for most things, but have everything you need for your first day packed separately from the bulk of your belongings. That includes a change of clothes, overnight needs, and any food supplies you might need for a day or two.
With these checklist of things to do before moving into your new house, you should be well on your way to enjoying your new home.
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