How to Get Cheap Insurance For an RV

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Owning an RV can be a ton of fun. Whether you’re using your it for the occasional vacation, planning a road trip across the country, or living in it full time, an RV can be a wonderful addition to your life.
However, just as with a car, you need insurance for your RV. Insurance helps protect your wallet should your RV be involved in an accident. And unlike car insurance, many RV insurance packages cover the valuable items in your RV should your vehicle be stolen or burglarized.
As with any other kind of insurance, it’s important to try and find an RV insurance package that fits your budget. Thankfully, it’s fairly easy to find cheap RV insurance, if you follow a few tricks and tips.

How to insurance an RV

Step 1: Limit how much you use your RV. The biggest way to limit how much you have to pay for RV insurance is to use your RV less.
If you live out of your RV, and constantly drive it, chances are you’ll have to pay a fair amount. If you only use it for occasional trips, and spend the rest of the time living out of your house, your payments will decrease.
Of course, if you bought your RV to spend a lot of time in, diminishing your usage may not be an option. But don’t worry: there are other ways to limit your RV insurance rates.
Step 2: Store your RV in a safe space. During the time that you’re not driving your RV, try and park it in a safe space.
If you have proof that you’re storing your RV in an RV port, or at an RV park, your insurance rates will lower.
Because most RV insurance covers your valuables if they are stolen from inside your RV, keeping your vehicle in a safe and secure location will help insurance companies offer lower rates.
Step 3: Bundle your insurance plans. Chances are, you own insurance for more than just your RV. Maybe you have insurance for another car, or perhaps you have homeowner’s insurance.
Either way, if you bundle your RV insurance with your other forms of insurance, you can often save a lot of money. Insurance companies want as much of your business as possible, so they’re usually willing to offer you a discounted rate if you give them all of your business.
If you feel like you’re paying too much money for car insurance and RV insurance, consider bundling them into one package with the same insurer, to lower how much you have to pay.
Step 4: Take an RV safety course. Most RV insurance providers will offer discounted rates to those who have taken RV safety courses.
RVs are not the easiest vehicles to drive, and because of their size, they can be dangerous when drivers are not comfortable.
If you take a certified RV safety course, it will greatly lower the chance that you are in an RV-related accident, and as a result, your insurance price will usually lower.
Step 5: Utilize car insurance tips. There are a lot of tips for lowering car insurance, and most of them are applicable to RV insurance as well.
For instance, maintaining a clean driving record will lower your car insurance rates, and it will also limit how much you pay for RV insurance. Shopping around, and finding discounts that apply to you are other great ways to lower rates.
Any way that you would try to diminish your car insurance prices, will likely be just as successful with your RV insurance. Your RV may be large, but your RV insurance doesn’t have to be. Follow these steps, and you can help keep your RV insurance rates affordable.

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