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Previously, you had to wait in line at the car insurance office to sign up for a new policy or switch providers. Now, most car insurance companies offer simple and accurate online quotes. What’s more, you can easily turn your online quote into a purchase. Get your auto insurance online to save time and money, and to obtain your car insurance in the comfort of your home or office. Here’s how drivers can take advantage of the internet to get good coverage quickly: 

Complete Online Car Insurance Quotes to Compare Rates

With many car insurance companies to choose from, you’ll want to get online quotes from several sources. Comparison shopping is the easiest and most reliable way to get cheap car insurance without sacrificing protection. Choose one with a competitive price that offers the car insurance coverage you need for your vehicle and usage. 
Step 1: Figure out what kind of policy you want. The kind of coverage you’re looking for can impact the the price of your premiums. Not all insurance policies protect you in the same way. When you set out to buy car insurance online, think about whether you want for comprehensive coverage and collision coverage. What do you want you deductibles to be in case of an accident? You can lower your monthly car insurance rates by increasing your deductible. But that will mean paying more money if you are in an accident.
Step 2: Check with your current insurance provider. If you have other insurance policies, whether life insurance, home insurance, or otherwise, find out if they also offer car insurance. 
  • Check your insurance company’s website for details on coverage they provide.
  • In many cases, insurance companies offer discounts when multiple insurance policies are purchased from them. 
  • Get a quote for the cost of adding car insurance to your current insurance coverage. 
Step 3: Get quotes from other car insurance providers. Get at least three competing quotes from which to choose your car insurance provider. (We here at Jerry work with over 40 carriers to compare rates in just seconds.)
  • Provide your accurate personal profile information to receive an accurate quote. That includes your full name, birth date, your state of residence and zip code, address, phone number, and email address. 
Note: Inaccuracies in your personal information can result in problems with your insurance policy down the road. Some of your personal information, like your age, can lead car insurance companies to put you in the category of high risk drivers. Ensure your information is truthful to the best of your ability. 
  • Complete the vehicle information and usage details. This includes the approximate distance you drive annually and if you drive for work, pleasure, or to commute.   
  • Answer questions about your past driving history. For example, indicate any driving infractions or tickets as well as accidents in which you’ve been involved. You driving record can be a big factor in what kind of rates auto insurance companies will offer you. Be upfront so that you can get accurate rates as quickly as possible.
  • Select any applicable discounts you’re eligible to receive for the most accurate quote possible. 
Step 4: Compare your online quotes. Once you’ve completed several quotes online, compare the coverage, the deductible, and the costs. 
  • It may be helpful to open different tabs on your browser for each car insurance quote you complete. 
  • Select the one that best suits your needs and budget. 

Purchase Car Insurance Online

Obtaining quotes is the difficult part of the process. All that’s left is completing the online car insurance purchase. You’ll need a credit card to finish the purchase. 
Step 1: Confirm your personal details from the online quote. Carefully look over your personal information to make sure it’s accurate. 
Step 2: Enter the VIN number from the car. If you haven’t been required to do so yet, enter the vehicle identification number from the car you wish to insure. 
  • You’ll find the VIN on many documents including previous car insurance, registration, as well as on the dashboard and driver’s door pillar of the car itself.
Step 3: Confirm the car insurance details. Make sure the policy information is accurate before you complete your purchase. 
  • You’ll need to indicate the start date for your car insurance. 
Step 4: Complete online payment for your car insurance policy. Enter your credit card information on the insurance company’s website to complete the payment and begin your car insurance. 
  • In most cases, you can make a partial payment. If you make the full payment, you can often receive a discount on the costs. 
  • Once you’ve paid, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Your proof of insurance will also be delivered to you online. 
If you own a car or drive one regularly, you’ll need car insurance. Often, people pay too much for their car insurance as insurance rates increase or situations in life change. You can save money on your car insurance, even if you don’t have the time or energy to comparison shop. Jerry will do the hard part of finding better car insurance for your needs, helping you to switch easily and with no hassle. 

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