How to Get Car Insurance For the First Time

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You’re a driver now - congratulations! One of the responsibilities of first-time drivers is to secure car insurance. Some car insurance companies won’t deal with first-time customers because they are a higher risk than a driver with years of experience. You have choices for first-time car insurance, though. This is how to get yours at the beginning of your driving life.

Secure car insurance as an additional driver

Perhaps the easiest way to get car insurance for the first time is to get added to an existing driver’s car insurance policy. It’s commonly used for teenage and college-age drivers. It’s a matter of adding an additional driver on an existing policy, typically a parent or other relative who knows and trusts you.
Step 1: Ask your parents or relatives if they will add you to their car insurance policy. Adding a driver may change their coverage or costs. Some might be apprehensive to add a driver.
Step 2: Modify the insured’s policy. Some insurers may allow changes to be made online while others require a visit in person.
Have your information added to the car insurance policy. You may need to provide identification.
Step 3: Make the payment for any additional insurance costs. There will be additional costs related to adding a driver to a car insurance policy.
It’s a good idea to pay the difference yourself instead of expecting the named policyholder to cover your costs.
Step 4: Get proof of car insurance. Documents may be sent online or you might receive them in the mail or in person.
Have your proof of insurance before you start driving.

Get car insurance on your own

It’s more challenging to secure car insurance as an individual, but it can be done. If you are the only licensed driver in the household or you live on your own, you may not have the option to be insured as an additional driver. Follow these steps to get car insurance for the first time, all on your own.
Step 1: Find an insurance provider who insures first-time drivers. This can be the most challenging step because of the high-risk nature first-time driver’s pose.
Browse online to find insurance agencies that insure first-time drivers on their own.
A few carriers you may want to try include Progressive, Safeway, Mercury, Dairyland Auto, and Infinity.
Completing the driver’s profile section of the quote often indicates if first-time drivers can secure car insurance coverage.
Step 2: Fill out an online quote. Each car insurance company has different requirements for their quotes.
Typically, you’ll be asked to complete your personal information, the car information for the vehicle you will be driving, and any driver history you have. In nearly all cases, you won’t have any driver’s history.
Step 3: Browse the car insurance coverage options. The more optional coverage you select, the higher the insurance premium will be.
Be aware of the coverage you need. At minimum, you will require liability insurance. Other good options to select include uninsured and underinsured coverage, collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage.
As a first-time driver, you can keep costs lower by avoiding rental insurance and and towing coverage. You can also choose a higher deductible to secure a lower premium.
Step 4: Pay for your chosen car insurance policy. In many situations, you can pay online and have the documents sent to you digitally so you can drive right away.
As you get more experience with car insurance, your costs may drop significantly and more options will become available. Make sure to maintain a clean driving record and avoid tickets as much as possible to keep your rates as low as possible.

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