How to Get a License to Sell Car Insurance

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If you’re on the hunt for a new career path, then one possibility to consider is selling car insurance. As with anything in life, making a career change is not instantaneous. One important part of selling car insurance is getting a license to do so. The license certifies that you are competent and knowledgeable and is a sign to potential buyers that you are legitimate. Knowing what to expect from the licensing process will prepare you for it as you proceed.

How to get a license to sell car insurance

Step 1: Research the process of becoming an insurance agent for your state. The standards for getting a license to sell car insurance are set by the state, so know what these are.
Each state has its own criteria and requirements for licensing, so you will want to have an idea of what to expect as you begin the process. Often, the requirements can be found on your state’s Department of Insurance website.
Step 2: Take any necessary coursework. You must take some courses to familiarize yourself with the skills and rules concerning the sale of insurance and what it means to be an agent.
This should not be surprising, after all, because insurance can be very complicated. Having the knowledge these courses provide will go a long way to ensuring that you can do your job effectively and legally.
Step 3: Submit an application to become a licensed seller of car insurance. The application will examine your criminal background and driving history.
The purpose of the application is to sift through candidates who may have less than stellar backgrounds. Having an upstanding member of the community as a seller of car insurance is much better for everyone involved. This helps guarantee the integrity of the process for car insurance companies and customers alike.
There will also be a fee for processing the application, so make sure you have all the information regarding how much this fee is and how it should be paid.
Step 4: Take the licensing examination. You should then plan on taking your state’s insurance licensing examination.
In some instances, you may be expected to take the exam prior to submitting your application, in which case passing the exam does not guarantee that your application will be approved.
The exam will also have a fee, so be prepared to pay this when requested. If you are expected to submit a licensure application after taking the exam, then you may need be refunded this fee if you are denied.
If you are worried about the exam and its requirements, you should be able to find out more, again, through the Department of Insurance in your state. You can also investigate passing rates for the exam.
You’ll need to pass this exam in order to be certified to sell car insurance in your state. What amounts to a passing score varies.
Step 5: Complete the process. Once you have passed the exam and your application has been approved, you will receive your license to sell car insurance.
You can now begin reaching out to companies and establishing contacts for the future. The work involved in getting the license will now begin to pay off as you embark upon a new career selling liability, collision, comprehensive, and other types of car insurance.

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