How to Get a Home and Auto Insurance Bundle to Save Money

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Bundling policies represents one way to save money on home and auto insurance. When bundling, you acquire an insurance policy for both your home and car and the insurance company gives you a discount on both to reward you for doing so. But how much can you actually save by bundling, and what steps do you need to take to get a home and auto insurance bundle?
Here's the lowdown on bundled insurance packages, with help from car insurance app Jerry.
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How much does bundling home and auto save?

Home and car owners can save on average 16 percent when bundling insurance for both.
StatePercentage Saved by Bundling Home and Auto Insurance
New Hampshire15.30%
New Jersey11.20%
New Mexico17.50%
New York11.20%
North Carolina13.80%
North Dakota14.70%
Rhode Island13.40%
South Carolina17.60%
South Dakota20.70%
West Virginia15.70%

How to get a home insurance and auto insurance bundle

When trying to bundle your home and auto insurance, you need to follow specific steps to ensure the most success. The following steps detail how to find the best home and auto insurance bundle for your needs.
Step 1: Determine the coverage you need. Determine how much coverage you need for your home and auto.
For your car, keep in mind whether you need just liability or if you also need comprehensive and collision coverage. Most states require a minimum amount of liability insurance, while if you owe on your car you probably need comprehensive or collision insurance. Some states also require drivers to carry uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.
For a home, you need to determine the worth of your house and purchase the appropriate amount of coverage. In addition, you need to make sure that you also purchase liability insurance to cover any potential injuries incurred by individuals while on your property and insure any other buildings or structures on your property.
Step 2: Check out insurance companies. Next you need to check out insurance companies that will allow you to bundle home and auto insurance bundle (most do) to make sure they are financially stable and don’t have any formal complaints against them.
To check on the financial stability of an insurance company visit sites, such as:
You can also visit your state's Department of Insurance (DOI) to see if there are any complaints against the company in your area.
Step 3: Get quotes. Next you need to get quotes from a variety of insurance companies, making sure to click on the bundled coverage tab on their website.
Some of the more popular insurance companies that offer home and auto bundles include:
Step 4: Enter your information. Next, enter your personal information. The insurer's website should ask for specific information, including:
  • Name of the primary policy holder
  • Address of the primary policy holder
  • Birthday of the primary policy holder
  • Gender of the primary policy holder
  • Driver's license number for your car or cars
  • Specific information about the house you want to ensure
  • The name, birthday, and gender of anyone else on the policy
Step 5: Decide on a quote. The insurance companies you ask for a quote should respond to your query quickly, either by phone or email.
Compare the quotes you have received from the various insurance companies you queried.
Choose the one that offers the amount of coverage you want for a price that fits within your budget.
Pay attention to coverage amounts and deductibles to make sure they are what you want.
Step 6: Sign up and save. The last step includes signing up for the coverage you want.
If you plan on switching companies, make sure to notify your old insurance company, so that they can cancel your old policy and send you any refund owed to you for the unused portion of your insurance policy.

How to save when bundling your insurance

Bundling your home and auto insurance can save you money. Make sure when signing up that the insurance policy provides the coverage you need at a price you are happy with.
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