How to Fix a Car Horn That Won't Stop Blaring

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When your vehicle’s horn gets jammed, you need to address the issue immediately. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to maintain a level head and take action with the noise and negative attention of those within hearing range. There are two methods to shut off a jammed horn, so you can decide on a next step toward a more lasting fix.

How to shut off a jammed horn by removing the fuse

Step 1: Locate a diagram of your fuse box. Check your owner’s manual for a key to the fuses in your vehicle’s fuse box.
If you do not have access to your manual, turn to the internet, searching for the make, model, and year your drive followed by the words “fuse box diagram.”
Step 2: Find your physical fuse box. The diagram of your fuse box should indicate its location in your vehicle, but it’s usually inside beneath the steering wheel or under the hood on the driver’s side.
Remove the cover and use the diagram to find the fuse associated with the horn.
Step 3: Remove the appropriate fuse. Look for a tweezer-shaped tool on the outskirts of the fuse box or beneath the cover.
Use that tool to pinch the top of the fuse the diagram indicates controls the horn, squeeze, and pull the fuse out.
If the horn continues to make noise, double check that you have removed the correct fuse.

How to turn off a jammed horn by disconnecting the battery

Step 1: Open the hood of your vehicle. Once you’ve popped the hood, visually locate your battery.
Step 2: Remove the negative lead from the negative terminal. Depending on the type of leads on your battery, you may need a pair of pliers to do this.
The negative lead is usually black, and both the lead and the terminal bear a “-” somewhere on them. Once you have disconnected the lead, place it in a spot where it will not accidentally touch the terminal.
There is no need to also disconnect the positive lead from the positive battery terminal.
  • Warning: If you disconnect the battery to shut off a jammed horn, you will not be able to drive to a repair shop. You can, however, have a tow truck take your vehicle to get the horn repaired.
While these methods will not permanently solve your blaring horn problems, either way can at least shut off the jammed horn so you can decide on a plan of action in silence. Also, bear in mind that insurance may cover some of the expenses associated with troubleshooting a jammed horn.

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