How to Find New Car Reviews on Edmunds

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Buying a new car is a pretty major investment, and no one wants to go into the decision blind. is an online database with information, ratings, and news on different cars. On top of being a great go-to source when considering a new vehicle purchase, it’s an easy site to get immersed in for large stretches if you’re interested in the latest and greatest models coming out. New car reviews are relatively easy to find on Edmunds, and the information within could help you make the right choice on a purchase.

What makes Edmunds helpful?

Edmunds manages to stay impressively up-to-date on the latest cars coming out, ranging from basic information and summaries to more in-depth reviews of the machine. The website is valued as a resource for the fact that it is relatively free of unwanted biases and misleading ratings; regardless of the reasons why you’re browsing Edmunds, you can rest assured the information is helpful and comprehensive.
In order to get the most out of an Edmunds search, you should have at least some idea of what you’re going in for. A more specified find query with Edmunds in-house search engine can take a lot of the legwork out of finding the specific specs and type of car you’ve been looking for.
With car reviews online often coming from a wild variety of different sources and standards, it is useful to have a site like this to compare vehicles side-by-side.

How to find new car reviews on Edmunds

The Edmunds website is organized in such a way that makes it quite easy to get to the new car reviews.
Step 1: Click on the “New Cars” tab. The “New Cars” tab is located towards the top left of the screen. Click on it. From there, you’ll be brought to list of makes and models.
If you choose a car here, you’ll be brought to a more specific car profile page, including a concise car summary and its vital specs.
Step 2: Click on the “Car Reviews” tab. There should also be a “Car Reviews” tab on this profile page. After clicking on it, you should be brought to a more detailed critique of the vehicle in question.
Step 3: Use the custom search feature. You can also search cars with Edmunds’ custom search feature; this is helpful if there’s a certain trait (such as model year) that you’re looking for in particular.
Browse the editor review and consumer reviews alike; although the consumer reviews don’t necessarily adhere to the same standard as an official post, they can be potentially very well-written and insightful.
Keep in mind that other consumers are conceivably in the same position you are; if a number of a car’s owners regret the purchase, the trend may be a sign that you should make a different choice.

How to get the most from reading car reviews

A helpful review requires the writer to have a thorough understanding of the car in question, as well as the skill to express the info coherently. Properly reading reviews is a skill as well however; as tempting as it may be to turn off your brain while reading, it’s important to be critical and an active part of the review.
As you read a review, draw upon the facts and overall impressions given. If you are reading more than one review, keep a running tally on observations that come up more than once. For example, a glance at consumer feedback for the 2016 Ford Focus reveals a tendency for the car’s transmission to act up.
In addition, do your best to cut out the “filler language.” Anecdotes and showy metaphors can make the experience of reading the review more enjoyable, but won’t necessarily shed light on the car itself.
Whether you’re looking for a luxury car or something more modest, professional car reviews should give you the most extensive information about a car, with a depth and scope usually beyond the reach of an average person. However, these professional reviews may be driving the car under relatively “ideal” conditions.
Consumer reviews, as inconsistent as they tend to be, offer a chance to see things from a ground level owner’s perspective. Although you should be wary of trolls and misleading reviews that don’t know what they’re talking about, reading a number of user reviews on a single given product should offer a pretty decent indication what you might expect to experience from it yourself, should you make the choice of going through and buying it.
As always, it’s a good idea to get a second opinion. Edmunds’ editor reviews are held to a fairly high standard, but it’s nonetheless good idea to check other websites around the internet for insights into a prospective purchase. This will put you in a good position when you’re ready to buy a car from the manufacturer, fleet sales, or a private party.

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