How to Do Tail Light Lens Repair

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How to Do Tail Light Lens Repair
Your tail lights play a vital part in driving safely. It lets other drivers know that you are going to slow down, turn, or stop. It also allows them to see you at night, in bad weather, or in adverse driving conditions like rain and snow. A lens is often damaged by normal wear and tear, age, and accidents. It’s important to know how to glue a tail light lens if it needs repair. Here’s how to fix your own damaged tail light.

Remove the car tail light lens

Materials Needed
  • Phillips head screwdriver
Step 1: Unscrew the tail light. Typically, the lens is held in place by four screws located around the edges of the tail light.
Most likely, you will need a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws so you can remove the lens.
Once the screws are out, you can simply pull the lens off.

Remove the tail light bulbs

Step 1: Remove the bulbs. Once the lens is off, remove the bulbs. This step serves to protect them from damage.
Use your hands to twist them off. If the bulbs are still good, lay them somewhere safe where they won’t get broken.

Clean and dry the tail light lens

Step 1: Rub with alcohol. The best way to clean the tail light lens is to rub it down with rubbing alcohol.
Apply it on a clean and soft cloth. Wipe down the entire lens and the assembly. This will create a surface free of dust and dirt; which glue will adhere to more easily.

Apply glue to cracks in the lens

Materials Needed
Step 1: Apply glue to any cracks. If the tail light lens simply became loose or has a small leak, you should find the mounting channel and apply the glue along it. If there is a crack in the lens, apply the glue along it as well.
  • Tip: Do not apply too much glue or it will make a mess. Also, make sure you buy the glue appropriate for tail light lenses.

Reassemble, replace bulbs, and reinstall the lens

Step 1: Replace the bulbs. Make sure all the pieces that may have become loose from removal of the lens are put back in their proper place.
Carefully replace the bulbs you removed from the assembly.
Step 2: Reinstall the lens. Once the bulbs are back in place, reinstall the lens. Take care to place it in the mounting channel where it belongs.
Step 3: Replace the screws. When it is aligned correctly, put the screws back by tightening them with the screwdriver.

Clean the excess glue

Step 1: Wipe off the excess glue. When you install the tail light lens and tighten the screws, you will notice some of the glue will squeeze out from the mounting channel.
You can use a clean paper towel to wipe it off.
Do so slowly and carefully, as you do not want to spread it all over the lens. You can use a cloth slightly dampened by water if needed.
  • Tip: Let the glue dry for a minimum of an hour or according to its instructions before cleaning the lens any further.
Repairing and gluing a tail light lens can be done easily if you follow this step-by-step guide. The steps are as simple as removing the lens, cleaning the area needing repair, applying the glue and reinstalling the lens once everything is put back together. The most important thing to remember is to take your time and avoid shortcuts so you and the drivers around you are safer and at less risk of harm and accident.