How to Deal With a Home Intruder

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If an intruder enters your home without warning, you might have little time to react. Taking the steps to prepare for a home intruder and other emergency situations can help you feel less overwhelmed by the shock of the event.

How to handle a home invasion

Step 1: Call the police. If you hear someone break into your home, night or day, you should call 911 immediately. Describe to the dispatcher what you heard and where you are within your home. If you saw the intruders, offer a description.
Step 2: Find a safe room to hide or leave your home if possible. As you are contacting the police, find a safe place within your home away from the intruder. You should choose a room with a functional lock and barricade the door.
If you can’t move to another room, then find a place to hide within the room. Avoid confrontation with the intruder and remain silent.
If you are near an exit when you hear the intruder, then leave your home if it is safe to do so. Run to a neighbor’s house and contact the police from there.
Step 3: Grab something to protect yourself. Grab a baseball bat or any nearby objects that could be used for self-defense. It’s a good idea to avoid confrontation, but anticipate a situation where you might have to protect yourself. Avoid more dangerous objects like knives because you could inadvertently hurt yourself.
Step 4: Set off you car alarm. A home alarm system is a great measure of protection against intruders, but if you don’t have one then you can make use of your vehicle’s alarm system. Set off the alarm via your car keypad to deter the intruder and attract attention.
Step 5: Protect your home to discourage intruders. There are several steps you can take to help discourage intruders from entering your home. Outfit your home with an alarm system to help prevent potential burglaries. Put up motion-detecting lights around your home, particularly near doors and windows and leave lights on when you are away.
These are all ways you can increase your home security.
Your safety is always most important during any unexpected event or emergency. Always contact the police first and don’t attempt to take matters into your own hands. Identify potential safe rooms within your home and come up with a family plan for if an intruder enters your home. Lastly, preparation is key, and you won’t regret protecting your home with security features like an alarm system.

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