How to Create a Command Center

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The concept of a command center has changed dramatically over the years. It used to be that a command center was a place where all your organizational tools were kept, so that you could have your life under control, all from one spot. Things like calendars, schedules, white boards, and bulletin boards used to be the hallmarks of a command center.
With the technology that we have now, that is no longer the case. A modern command center is driven by technological devices. Because most people now use their smart phones and tablets for communication, scheduling, note taking, list making, and more, a command center really just needs to a be a place where all your devices are located, and at your disposal. That way, when you add something to your to-do list, or check your calendar, you know exactly where to go, and how to do it.

Pick a central location

The first step in building a command center is to pick the location. There are a few things you want to consider when choosing where to place your command center. First, you want a central location that you pass by with some regularity, and that isn’t out of the way. In other words, don’t put your command center in the spare bedroom or garage. Instead, think about having it near the door, or near the kitchen, or in a commonly used hallway. You want to be able to access it easily from wherever you are in the house.
That said, you don’t want your command center to get in the way. A command center is work-related, and that can interfere with relaxation. Don’t place it near the dining room table, or in your living room.

Make sure everything is safe and secure

Since you’ll be keeping your expensive electronic devices in your command center, you’ll want to make sure they’re adequately protected. You don’t need an expensive desk for your command center, but make sure your devices are somewhere where they won’t easily be knocked off, or slide off.
Furthermore, you want your command center to be a good workspace. Get a table, desk, or counter that’s at a good working height, and with good light. Consider adding a chair if you spend a lot of time making lists or editing your calendar.

Prioritize charging

Smart phones and tablets are useless if they’re not charged. Because of this, it’s imperative to make sure that charging is prioritized when you build a command center. Make sure that there are adequate cables or charging stations, so that you can charge all your devices at one time. Also make sure that the cords are long enough that you can use your devices while they’re being charged.
It’s also important to make sure that your command center isn’t a mess. One way to do that is to make sure that your charging cords are not exposed. Keep the cords tucked away behind the back of your command center, so that they’re not in the way, acting as tripping hazards, or getting tangled up. You can even purchase a cord organizer to make sure that they stay neatly in place.
Building a command center is not hard at all. Now that calendars, pen and paper to-do lists, and address books are not necessary, you really just need to create a great area for productive use of your electronic devices. Follow these steps, and you can build an excellent modern command center for your home.

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