How to Clean a Grill or Barbeque

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Keep your grill clean between using it. Photo by @NatasaM via Twenty20
The barbeque kettle grill, originally created in 1952, has evolved into the propane and wood burning grills of today. In fact, according to the HPBA, 75% of Americans own an outdoor grill or smoker. But like anything else you own or cook with, you must make sure to keep your grill clean. Ensuring a well-maintained and clean grill helps you serve delicious grilled meat from the comfort of your own backyard. The smoke from your grill should help impart a smoky flavoring that millions of Americans love.
Cleaning up after a big cookout represents the hardest part about owning a grill. Luckily, cleaning a grill is a snap if you know how. The following article gives a detailed step-by-step guide on how to clean your grill and get it ready for the next time you want to cook out.

How to Clean a BBQ

Americans love their BBQ grills. But all grills need a good cleaning after each use. While in use, grease and other residue builds up on the grill’s grate, surface, and other areas. And while clean up might seem like a big headache, it doesn’t have to be. Easily clean your BBQ grill using the steps below:
Step 1: Disconnect the propane tank. If your grill has a propane tank, make sure to disconnect it before taking the grill apart.
To disconnect the propane tank safely, make sure to turn the handle until the valve is off.
Next, remove the line connecting the tank to the grill by unscrewing the connector.
Place the tank off to the side and out of the way until you are done cleaning.
Step 2: Soak the grates. Use gloves to remove the cooking grates and the metal pan beneath them and soak them in dish soap and hot water. This warm soap water should help loosen the grime and grease built up on the grate and plate surfaces.
Most often, you need to soak one side of the grate before turning it around so that the other side can soak.
If your grill is especially dirty, you may need to soak it in something stronger than warm water. In that case, it is a good idea to combine 2 parts vinegar to one part baking soda and soak in that to loosen up extra-tough debris. Then just rinse off the grill off before continuing with step 3.
Step 3: Scrub the inside. While waiting for the grates to soak, clean the inside of the grill, including under the hood and the area below the cooking surface.
You should also cover the burner elements with foil to keep any debris off of them.
Use a grill brush or any kind of wire brush the scrub any build up from the inside of the walls or hood of the grill. Follow up by wiping the area down with a damp paper towel.
Step 4: Clean the grillbox. Remove the foil, careful not to drop any debris onto the elements, and use a shop vacuum to clean the grillbox area.
The grillbox is the area below the grates that catches all of the droppings from the food and the ash from any charcoal.
Wipe down the elements with the grill brush.
Step 5: Clean the grates. Once the grill grates have soaked thoroughly, use a stiff-bristled grill brush to scrub them clean.
Rinse the grates off and set them aside to dry.
Step 6: Reassemble the grill. Next, replace the metal plate and drip pan, if there is one.
Replace the cooking grates into their appropriate slots.
Finally, reconnect the propane tank.
Step 7: Clean the cabinet. For grills with a cabinet, clean out any debris, such as charcoal, leaves, or other items.
You can either use a shop vacuum for this or a whisk broom.
Step 8: Clean exterior. Using a damp paper towel, clean the outside of the grill.
You can use wipes especially designed for this task, such as stainless steel grill wipes.
To maximize your grilling experience, it’s important to protect the grill from deterioration. You can do this by cleaning your grill after every use and protecting your grill from the elements using a grill cover. Easily clean your grill by following the steps above so that you have it for many more years to come.