How to Choose the Best Paint Colors for a Hallway

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When most people think about painting their home, they’re focused on the living room, dining room, or bedroom. Those rooms are all extremely important, of course, but you shouldn’t overlook hallways.
Hallways may only be a small part of your home, and you might not spend much time in them, but they are important from a design standpoint. They’re often the first place you’re in when you enter your home, and they’re a transitional area. The aesthetic of transitional areas is critical, because it contributes strongly to the vibe of a home.
So, when you’re repainting your home, don’t forget to pay close attention to the hallways. But what color should you paint them? Here are eight popular options.

1. White

Plain white is one of the most common colors you’ll see in hallways. A lot of people prefer white because it keeps the hallway from drawing too much attention. This makes a lot of sense, especially for long, fully closed hallways. White works great if you want your hallway to be crisp, clean, and not distracting.

2. Eggshell white

Eggshell white might be similar to plain white when you’re looking at a color palette, but it makes for a much different hallway. An eggshell white hallway is a little bit warmer and calmer than a plain white hallway. It pairs perfectly with some art on the walls, and looks clean and modern while also being understated.

3. Dark gray

On the other end of the spectrum is dark gray. Dark gray immediately turns your hallway into a statement. It also adds tremendous contrast when the other rooms in your home are a lighter color. Contrast is very important in interior design, so dark gray can be just the striking color needed to balance things out in your home.

4. Peach

Hallways are also great places to put some pops of color. Peach is a fun and energetic color that might be too much for an entire room in your home. But as a contrasting pop of color in your hallway it can look tremendous. Peach is calming while also energizing, so it not only looks beautiful, but will help put you in a good mood as you move from one room to another, or from the outside into your home.

5. Yellow

Yellow is an underused color in homes. It works well in most rooms, and while you usually need a warmer, milder yellow in a dining room or bedroom, you can get away with a bright yellow in a hallway, where it provides just a splash of color and excitement to your home.

6. Baby blue

Baby blue is almost always a good color to put in a home. And while it can be a bit much in a large room, unless you have a beach house aesthetic, it usually is perfect in a hallway. Baby blue is a light and happy color. It’s tranquil, but also fun. It also pairs well with most design choices, and most color options in other rooms. It can act as a neutral color, while also being colorful.

7. Deep blue

On the other end of things is deep blue. Like all dark colors in a hallway, deep blue is a bold and striking color. But it can be a wonderful contrast to other colors in your home. A dramatic hallway that leads into a peaceful living room, for instance, is powerful and beautiful.

8. Any bold, bright color

Because hallways offer an opportunity to add some color and contrast into your home, they are a good place to go bold with your color choices. In many homes, you can get away with a really bright and bold color, even as strong as a hot pink, a neon orange, or a bright green. It adds just enough color without being overbearing.
There are no shortage of good options for a hallway paint color. Choose from one of the above to find what works best with your home and your style, and your home will look instantly nicer.

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