Tips for Choosing the Perfect Car Color

Car paint color can impact purchase price, resale value, and even your happiness. Here's everything you should know about picking a car color.
Written by Elaine Sulpy
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
Choosing a car’s paint color is no simple decision when picking out a car. The final selection can impact your initial purchase price, how much you can eventually sell a car for, and even how happy you are with your car.
First, a vehicle is an investment and you must be happy when you look at it, get behind the wheel, and travel around town or go on a road trip. A car’s color can make a big difference in whether you see it and can’t wait to get in and drive. It's only natural to ask yourself what color car you should get. Here's how to decide on the color of your car.

Consider the car's purpose

How you use the car can impact the color selected. Will you use the car as a personal
, family hauler, or your own
company car
For small business owners using their vehicle as a company car who may want to put on graphics,
, or other mobile advertising, a white or lighter-colored vehicle is a good option as graphics can be more visible.
For a family vehicle, lighter colors can show more wear-and-tear and dirt, while bright colors may be a bit "flashy," so consider a darker, neutral, or warmer color. For a personal vehicle, the choices are more based on personal preference and price.
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Consider a deal

Some vehicles may be offered at a discounted rate if it's painted an unpopular color around the time of production. You can potentially save a bundle on your initial purchase price by selecting an odd or unpopular color, while automotive paint professionals can always help change a vehicle to a color you prefer.

Think about resale

If you want to sell your vehicle down the line, keep that in mind when selecting your car’s paint color. This may be an important thing to consider when deciding what color car you should get. Popular colors are more in demand, which can result in a higher resale value when selling your vehicle.

Blend in or stand out

There is no one 'best car color to buy, but some car paint colors, such as bright reds and yellows, are more attention-getting than others. While the concept that "red cars get more tickets" was proven untrue, it is true that some colors grab your eye more than others.
Also, the type of vehicle you have in addition to the paint color has more of an impact. A red station wagon simply won’t get as much attention as a red sports car but may get more attention than beige version.
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Brand preference matters

If you have a specific vehicle brand preference, this may limit your color options as automakers pride themselves in having colors that stand out, to some degree, from their competitors.
A slightly brighter red, more pearly white, or deeper purple may only be available on a certain make or model, vehicle model year, or through an aftermarket paint provider.

Limited editions increase price tags

Some vehicle paint colors are limited-run options and can increase the cost of a vehicle by thousands of dollars.
Every decision you make when purchasing a new or used car is important, including choosing your car’s paint color. Getting the right vehicle with the right paint color is a must, and choosing the wrong color can result in a more expensive vehicle or a loss of money when selling it down the line.
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What car colors are more expensive to insure?

Honestly, the color of your car really
isn't a big deal
to most carriers. They're much more concerned with you make, model, and year, as well as your personal driving history. Some applications don't even ask for the color of your car.
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