How to Cancel Pronto Insurance

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Pronto insurance offers coverage in California, Texas, and Florida, and also serves customers in Mexico. As the name suggests, the company prides itself on its speed of service. While Pronto has a wide range of options, including short-term coverage that is often hard to find elsewhere, the day may come that you need to cancel Pronto insurance. Fortunately, ending your policy coverage is quick and easy to do using one of three available methods.

Use the Pronto Insurance Website

Zip on over to Pronto insurance’s website to make changes to your current coverage. On the home page, press the yellow rectangular button labeled Manage My Policy to get started. Then, choose your state to proceed. Log in using your account email and password, or sign up for an account by pressing the link to Sign Up in the upper-right corner of your screen. Once you are inside your account, select the policy you wish to change. Then, follow the prompts appropriate to your coverage to cancel Pronto insurance.
  • Note: You cannot manage your policy online if you reside in Mexico. Residents of Mexico must either call or use the mobile app to cancel Pronto insurance.

Call Your Auto Insurance Agent

Picking up the phone and dialing 1-855-200-4567 is perhaps the most straightforward way to cancel Pronto insurance. Press option 5 to make changes to your policy, and be aware that your phone call may be recorded. This takes you directly to a living and breathing Pronto insurance agent who can assist you in cancelling your insurance policy. Simply tell the customer service representative that you wish to end your coverage, and the process begins. Once you provide your policy account number and verify your identity, the change to cancel Pronto insurance is made.

Use the Pronto Insurance Mobile App

The Pronto Insurance app is available from both Google Play and iTunes. It only takes your email and policy number to set up an account. Once inside the app, choose the option to Select Policy. This brings up a list of your products with Pronto insurance. Select the coverage you want to cancel. At this point, the word “active” appears underneath your policy number. Press the option to make changes to your policy, then push the option to cancel. After you verify your decision, you can return to your list of policies. The word “inactive” will then appear underneath your cancelled insurance product.
  • Tip: Have a copy of your insurance policy or ID card handy before you begin any of these methods to cancel Pronto insurance. That way, you can provide information like your policy number without any delay.
Do not cancel Pronto insurance unless you no longer need coverage or already have alternate coverage. You do not want to risk an accident if you’re uninsured, as you could end up owing a hefty sum for damages. If you are caught driving without insurance, you risk being fined or even jailed for being uninsured.

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