How to Cancel Grundy Classic Car Insurance

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Grundy Classic Car insurance has been around since 1947, serving antique auto and boat enthusiasts. Part of the appeal of the company is how it insures vehicles according to an agreed value that takes into account upgrades and renovations owners might make. This way, in the event of a total loss, owners know what to expect for insured value and can make adjustments to that agreed value as work is done on the vehicle.
While there are advantages to dealing with Grundy Classic Car insurance, the day may come that you nonetheless must cancel Grundy Classic Car insurance. This might be due to selling your restored vehicle for a nice profit or moving out of the service area. To make changes to your Grundy insurance policy, including canceling it, is straightforward using one of two methods.

1. Give Grundy Classic Car Insurance a Call

At this time, Grundy doesn’t have an online management portal or mobile app. Perhaps such newfangled technology doesn’t fit a long-standing company that places strong value on old-school things and ways. So, calling to cancel Grundy Classic Car insurance is the simplest way to drop your policy.
To do so, dial 866-338-4006 and press 1 to indicate you are an existing customer. Your call might be recorded for training or quality control purposes, but you won’t have to listen to a wide array of options and will be directly put in touch with a live agent. Simply provide your name, policy number, date of birth, and address, and you can request to cancel Grundy Classic Car insurance without any fuss.
  • Tip: Have your policy information handy to expedite the process when you cancel Grundy Classic Car insurance. This includes your policy number, primary policy holder’s name and birth date, make and model of the insured vehicle, and your address associated with the account.

2. Request to Cancel Grundy Classic Car Insurance in Writing

Exercise your letter-writing skills, and ask to cancel your Grundy insurance by letter. Be sure to include your policy number, make and model of the insured vehicle, name, date of birth, and address on the letter. In the letter, clearly request to cancel your policy with it as effective immediately or on a specific date. It is likely an agent will call to follow up on your request in a few days to verify your decision and note the reason for your cancellation in the company’s records.
  • Tip: If you sent your written request to cancel Grundy Classic Car insurance by certified mail, you have proof of the company’s receipt of the request. This might be helpful if a disagreement over cancellation date arises.
Don’t make the mistake of cancelling your Grundy Classic Car insurance before you have alternate coverage if you are still in possession of the vehicle. Insurance is not just for accidents; it also protects you from incurring loss due to inclement weather and theft.

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