How to Buy a Hybrid Car

Buying a hybrid car means taking into account a unique set of considerations. Here's how to confidently buy a hybrid vehicle.
Written by Elan Mcafee
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
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    Hybrid cars that run on both electricity and fuel tend to attract environmentally conscious drivers. These
    eco-friendly vehicles
    consume fewer fossil fuels and have reduced toxic emissions. Using less gas, they can be pocketbook friendly on a day-to-day basis, requiring fewer fill-ups at station pumps. For these reasons, more and more people are looking to purchase hybrid cars.

    How to purchase a hybrid car

    When buying a hybrid vehicle, there are things you should first consider to ensure your satisfaction after purchase. After all, you will likely drive it for a while. Other steps in buying a hybrid car match those of buying a regular vehicle and may be familiar.
    Step 1: Weigh the pros and cons of hybrids with your needs and lifestyle. While hybrid cars are more eco-friendly than regular cars and save money on gas, there are some considerations to keep in mind.
    Hybrid cars sometimes (but not always) have less trunk space than other vehicles to accommodate the electric parts. If space is a priority, note that there are a number of larger gas-electric hybrid vehicles available now, including wagons, minivans, and SUVs.
    Step 2: Shop around for the best fit. Hybrid cars come in all breeds from using very little electricity to using gas only in emergencies.
    They also are produced in a wide range of sizes from compact cars to pickup trucks. Take the time to visit multiple car lots or individual sellers and also test drive them, so you can prevent regrets later.
    Step 3: Make the commitment to purchase. Once you carefully consider your hybrid car options, needs, and budget, it’s time to pick the car you will drive home.
    If you pay cash to purchase the vehicle outright, make sure you get a Bill of Sale and the
    . If you opt to finance through the bank or a dealer, make sure you understand your
    down payment
    , monthly payments, and
    . In either case, get
    car insurance
    in place before you drive off the lot.
    Step 4: Go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles to get your hybrid car legal. Take your title or lien agreement, proof of insurance and driver’s license to the DMV.
    You may have to pay taxes on your hybrid car first, depending on the total purchase price and your state’s laws. There, you can register your hybrid car in your name and get your license plate to be legal for driving down the road.
    When you invest extra time into shopping for the best hybrid car for your needs, you lay the groundwork for making a purchase you won’t regret. After all, most people drive cars for several years before buying another. Exploring options lends insight into what hybrid will make you happiest, so you can better enjoy your time driving your chosen car.
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